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Default Re: What should Dr. Makow write about next?

Well some years ago I read an article about a big study that showed the differences in how men and women think. If I recall correctly it said something to the effect that men did better in abstracts such as math and women were better in social skills men remered more but womens memories were more acurate stuff like that. But one of the key things (at least to my notion) was that women were more easily manipulated into doing moraly wrong things. I havent been able to find anything about that study recently so would love to find it and read it myself. As for something to write about I would like to see Mr. Makows thoughts on that study and any other more recent ones. It would realy be nice to have some factual statistics to counter femenism ect....

Another subjet I heard about years ago was talked about on Focus on the Famuily for a while they were saying thier had been studies showing that somones IQ had more to do with how they were raised than genetics. I would think that would be a fascinating subject. The subject seems to have died recenlty. You would have thought it would be big news.
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