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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Astronut, how did you receive NASA TV if it is no longer available to the general public?
NASA TV is available online for free, I get it on my phone through the internet:
I also watch it on the satellite TV at work on the weekends when no one else is here. Where I grew up next to cape kennedy they still have NASA TV included with standard cable.
The reason why I ask you to quote your source is because you appeared to be going entirely from memory. Sometimes memories are not accurate especially when they are constructed upon impressions and expectations.
Considering I've watched countless missions on NASA TV, throughout the time I spent growing up next to cape kennedy through even now, that's about as absurd as suggesting that all the launches I've watched from there are just hallucinations.
Also note in the following quote you use the expression "in my experience" indicating that there was possibly some reasonable doubt involved:
I used the words "in my experience" because you were saying you've never seen a video showing zero g for longer than 30 seconds. You apparently lack that experience, but that's not to say your lack of experience makes a more informed experience impossible or even doubtful. There is no reasonable doubt here, no more than the fact that I've personally seen the orbiter and ISS in orbit with my telescope and I've resolved the shapes of each. Again, your lack of experience accomplishing the latter does not make it impossible that someone else can successfully accomplish it and experience it first hand. I know what I've seen, I didn't just make up these experiences in my head, I've spent entire lunch breaks watching uncut shots from inside the space station. I'm not even asking you to take my memory for it, because as I told you I'll gladly tell you when I see the next long interview from space showing obvious and uncut zero g video. The next shuttle launch is what, a week away? Considering how you have ignored direct evidence of ISS's existence filmed by myself and others already, I don't see why you'd be open to accepting evidence in any form though.
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