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Default Fighting the NWO is a SPIRITUAL war

When I read this sentence a long time ago I did not understand this. I did not understand what it meant. Maybe I lost my faith in God.

Than I started reading the stories of John Todd who was member of the powerful Collins Illuminati family. He was member of the council of 13, one of the highest councils in the illuminati. He was in charge of the music industry. According to John Todd you can only be a popstar if you are a witch nowadays. The "MASTER" tape they make in the studio is brought to a special room and than they invite a bunch of witches. The witches put a spell on this MASTER tape. This spell assures that every copy which is made of this MASTER tape carries with it demons. If people buy cd's in the store and they take these tapes home, they also take these demons home. So basically the function of the music industry is to put spells on people. I wondered what could be the effect of taking these demons into your house when you buy these music cd's.

This made me think about my own life. I have a long history of listening to hard-rock music and worse music than this. Some of the music I listened to was surely satanic. I never thought before what kind of influence this could have on me. I know I had periods where I was very interested in Satanism, but I never made the connection with my interest in rock music. I also have a long history of drinking. Who knows why I feel the urge to drink? After I read the stories of John Todd I became aware of my addiction to rock music. Although I have listened to many Metallica songs a million times I still felt the strong urge to listen to them again although its getting boring. I tried to stop listening to rock music, but somehow I could not stop. Why was I addicted to rock music?

I decided to do an experiment to test John Todds stories about demons, spells and rock music. I figured that with my long history of listening to rock music their must be some demons in me if John Todd is correct. I figured that prayer must be the best way to get rid of these demons. So I started praying to God for three days every morning. The first two days not much happened although I felt much happier after prayer. On the third day something strange happened. The demons in me showed their face. A very powerful demon appeared and took control of me for a moment. This was a very scary experience. This demon felt like pure evil. You can imagine that I was pretty shocked by the appearance of such a powerful demon and its taking control of me. I felt unbalanced psychologically after this, so I decided to stop the experiment for a while and see the result. The immediate difference I felt was that I did not feel the urge to drink and smoke anymore. Now I also have no urge anymore to listen to rock-music. I can not even get myself to listen to it.

What are my conclusions from this experiment?
*John Todd might be right and the music industry might be used to put spells on people and get demons in their house.
*These demons might push you to do bad things such as drinking or worse. Maybe these demons are responsible for alcohol addiction and other unhealthy behavior.
*This experiment strengthened my faith in God. It was prayer to God which got this powerful demon out of me.
*It also made me understand why the battle against the NWO is a spiritual battle.

Most importantly it made me realize that we can defeat the NWO by prayer. The illuminist get their power from witch-craft and powerful demons. By prayer and faith in God we can defeat the illuminists.

Hopefully my experiences will give you new inspiration for fighting the illuminist. I am sure we can defeat them if we have faith in God.

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