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Default Re: Fighting the NWO is a SPIRITUAL war

i agree that fighting the NWO is a spiritual war..

Your mind is your most powerful weapon.
But what we have yet to relize is that there is much more to our minds then we are taught..

Taught is exactly it,
you only know what you are taught...
As a child you are taught the basics,
Math, English, French, the ABC's
but what is the other 95% of our brains that we are "unable" to use.
Not unable, just Unsure..
I belive that the other 95% of our brain is the spiritual/mind control.
(example: telepathy, ESP, Telecanisus, Other demensional travelling/communtication.

The mind is an amazing thing..
use it to your advantage...
Only if we could all see.. we could take them down..
true utopia awaits us..
Bombing for peace,
Is like screwing for verginity...
Life is only what you make of it..
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