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Default Re: Blindness - The film

Originally Posted by Emma Smith View Post
Hey justgroovy, well I hate to burst your bubble but I am indeed a woman! Although, I'm not about to prove it to a complete stranger...anyway I do read a lot of conspiracy posts on here but you're right, I haven't posted anything except movie related stuff. My apologies if this is wrong.

As for the "Bohemian Grove" conspiracy, I'm somewhat interested in it but don't really buy it--and yes I have seen Alex Jones' "Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove." I'm not one to usually write about these things but my view of the Bohemian Grove is that it's simply a stupid fraternity of elitists doing weird, possibly homoerotic things. Alex Jones is an extremist himself. While I find some of his theories interesting, I disagree with his view of the Bohemian Grove.

If you watch Jon Ronson's documentary, Secret Rulers of the World, Ronson (whom I trust way, way more than Alex Jones) he talks about how the cult is basically just immature and weird. It's just a bunch world leaders spending their summer vacations together doing weird rituals and stuff. Unlike Jones, Ronson doesn't hype up the Satanism, (which I agree with). He basically thinks it was nothing more than a silly fraternity thing.

I think this is one of those conspiracy theories that has gotten out of hand. I'll take any UFO theory over this crap anyday.
What kind of UFOs do you like, Emma Smith?

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