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Default Come In Sucker. How Are They Trying To Suck Us Back Into Feudalism. WMV files Available.

"The Return Of Feudalism Under The Guise Of "The Commons"

The Lefts wet dream... Here is the perfect example of where we are being led...straight back into Feudalism by the sheep like Left. The Right (orchestrated by the Banking Elite) creates the problem...unrestrained capital, greed, irresponsible business practice and then you are told the solution by the same Banking Elite funded Left...a return to the 'commons' whereby an aristocratic, church elite administer (steward) the land by Gods good grace and you work one owns it ...hmmmm, sounds like another great idea permeated at the beginning of last century. What was that called again...It's classic Problem---->Reaction---->Solution...come in sucker.

It should also be noted that another equally vile concept is doing the rounds and gathering strength...that the Bill Of Rights & Constitution was written by a bunch of rich, white guys who only wanted to protect their ill gotten gains from the State. Therefore...the proletariat should immediately throw off this evil bit of paper and let the U.N write them a new one...replete with lots of Secular Humanistic 'feel good' talk...How do they get away with this shit! I actually think I hate the Left more than I do the so called right.

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