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Default Re: What is TIME exactly?

Kid - I'm no more educated than you.

In fact year 11 was the best 2 years of my life!

I am a little more experienced is all.

I have a soft spot for canukistanians, with some good friends who live in BC.

Like E Engineer I think its great that a young guys at least interested in something other than World of Warcraft.

Here's a thought, if light is made up of Photons - whats dark made up of? (anti-photons)?

It's a bit like Leonid Lebedevs dark sucker theorem that says light globes do not emit light, they suck dark and light is just what we observe as the absence of dark.

When the dark sucker is full it blows out and stops working and you need to replace it with another dark sucker in order to perceive as light the absence of dark again.

It's all the dark suckers disposed of in landfills that are causing global warming.

This explains the missing dark matter of the universe.

Of course it is tongue in cheek BUT it shows that sometimes things might not always be what we think them to be, there could be a different explanation (ergo dark suckers) which could be equally correct perhaps.

Back to light photons - and thus dark photons.

How can there be one without the other?.

In a system in equilibrium there must be balance - if we have light we must also have dark, in equal amounts.

If light is comprised of photons (and behaves like a wave form) then mustn't dark be composed of anti-photons and mustn't its wave form be the antithesis (inverse) of the light wave form so that both waves when they interact cancel each other out?

Do not light and dark cancel each other out?

Why would there be light throughout the universe yet the dark side of the moon exists (absence of light)?

All good questions and food for thought!

Try disproving Einsteins special relativity e=mc^2 for your year 11 physics teacher by using both the positive & negative root speed of light to get a positive result and show him that any flawed supposition always results in a paradoxical outcome and quote the twin paradox for einsteins e=mc^2

Use the cats and dogs example...

All dogs have 4 legs
All 4 legged animals are Cats

Therefore all cats are dogs


All dogs are cats!

One of the two original suppositions must be wrong (the second one all 4 legged animals are cats)!

So it is with Einsteins e =MC^2 where light traveling at 1000 mph east and also traveling at 1000 mph West at the same time, satisfy his e=mc^2 equation and this is clearly as non sensible as the cats and dogs example!.

The Paradoxical outcome of commencing with a false premise in e=MC^2 is the so called twin paradox.

Then tell him that Einstein won his nobel prize for his peer reviewed poto-electric effect paper and that his special relativity paper was never peer reviewed.

In fact Einsteins own professor Dr Hendrik Lorentz always referred to einsteins special relativity theorem in mock derision as Einsteins theorem.

Clearly if Professor Lorentze had got to peer review his student einstens special relativity paper it would never have been published.

Doing so could get you a trip to the principles office but it might be worth it to show your an independent thinker who doesn't accept the status quo to go along just to get along.

Likely your year 11 physics teachers head will explode.

Eiree engineer the grand unification theorem equations resolution?.

Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

The primary manifestation of Time is Change

Ee does NOT equal Em Cee Squared!

M = Δ T
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