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Default Re: The Dawn of Aquarius - A New People, A New Consciousness, A New Era

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Get used to the feeling of dreaming while awake. As the shift occurs the metaphysical planes and physical dimensions will begin to synchronize and merge. Also the dream planes and spirit planes will merge with waking our consciousness. And possibly resulting in some of us experiencing a merging of personalities. If you want to prepare for it so as not to lose control over your mind, body and spirit, and also your reality I suggest some meditation and maybe don't be afraid to try some magic fungi or dmt. Don't believe what they tell you about them it's all propaganda they don't want you opening up new doorways to reality and consciousness. Then if we become too connected we wouldn't need government. And if used right these things do help you to evolve. Anything that opens your mind and expands your energy fields can be dangerous for those who are affected greatly by negative energy or are already spiritually imbalanced. However if used correctly under the right guidance these spirit plants can heal those same afflictions. It's like choosing to be blind out of fear of seeing all the ugliness in the world. But you miss out on all it's beauty as well. Evolution and spiritual ascension can be a scary thing when you are actually opening up real doorways. But this is what we are all in store for in these coming times of cosmic shifting. And those who aren't strong enough or are too restricted in thought feeling or expression to get it just might not make the leap. Good karma and bliss to all its gonna be a heluva ride!
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