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Default Re: U.S. Has More Oil Tha Middle East

The U.S. does not import oil from the Middle East, and Mideast oil is not strategic or important to U.S. energy policy.. rather the U.S. exports dollars to the Middle East, which - through a forced policy of petrodollar recycling - props up our otherwise unsustainable national debt.
Partly true. The U.S imports about %20 of it's oil needs from Saudi? Point is, if the Saudi's ar'nt selling to other countries then other countries needs will affect the U.S's.

In the end the U.S needs no one and could walk away from it's debt tomorrow and suffer...nothing.

What will the Japs do? Tow Manhatten Island to Tokyo harbour as collatoral?

If the lender has no power to enforce the contract then it is the LENDER who is up shit creek without a paddle.

The U.S could close of it's border tomorrow and live like Kings. The U.S can feed itself 10 times over, has ALL the resources it needs to continue a high tech industrial base...

Money is worthless. The wheat in the fields is "worth" something. "Contracts" are worthless if you cant enforce them. That is the point of Thomas Barnetts concept of the new "Rule Set"...putting in place enforcable "rule sets" in countries to encourage anglo/u.s investment.

In the end...control of energy reserves is simply about "control". Which makes me wonder...if China and Japan (who are TOTALLY energy hamstrung) are such a threat to the anglo/u.s establishment, why ar'nt they persuing "free energy" or at least "nuclear fusion" technology? They have the cash. They have the technology. Where is it? Me thinks they all bow to a greater power.
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