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Default Re: Aussies must Fight.

Australias John Howard appears to be a genuine reactionary to the NWO Internationalist program and basically always has been. Shame he does'nt follow through his rehtoric with a complete throwing out of several of the main ingredients of the NWO...mainly economic rationalism and free trade which have GUTTED Oz's productive capacity to zero and has us selling out primary resources to China for a relative song and buying it back from them as finished goods destroying our balance of trade. The same principal applies in the U.S.
You have to be joking Howard has always supported Economic Rationalism and it follows that he must support internationalism like the rest of the ultra capitalist right!.
Infact i have an odds on bet that he is a high ranking degree of the UGLA. Tb Your one VERY confused guy!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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