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Honestly. Anyone who thinks MJ was a pedophile, is nothing short of delusional. You've been media hyped. Tized in fact. It was always the 'parents' making these accusations. Never the kids. They wouldn't do that to him. They loved him dearly. HE was Peter Pan. And just like"guest" said...
How many men do you know have been accused of sexual abuse several times over the past thirteen years?
Any? how many pedaphiles are in prison that have never been previously accused? Isn't it a little worrying, that we have thousands of convicted pedophiles, yet MJ has the most accusations? There was never any REAL evidence apart from the parents testimony that their kids apparently said to them one night, which they did not choose to repeat in court. And the one that did, was constantly looking at his parents because he didn't know how to answer questions that debunked his story.
I think THEY showed their power to him. THEY showed how he can be destroyed. But a lot of people still didn't buy it. His power was still immense. So THEY killed him. Perhaps ages ago. Who the fark is the imposter that newspapers around the world are showing to be MJ, when it clearly is not? Did his family ever actually SEE his body?? The fact the media has thrashed MJ as a drug addict only heightens the fact they are trying to brainwash the public into actually believing it.
I actually didnt think the NWO would target MJ. For so long I thought he was a part of it. It's given me this renewal of respect for him.
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