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Default Which "Corporation" or "Entity" will capitalize or monopolize the coming ANTI_CHRIST'S business's?


1.Rothschilds Ltd.
2.Carlyle Group
3.Mcdonalds Corp.
4.Exxon/Mobil Corp.
5.Mitre Corp. (The CORPORATION behind 911, that no one but a handful of researchers have tied to 911, including myself!)
6.Viacom/Time Warner Corp.
7.Disney Corp.
9.Microsoft Corp.
10.Google Corp.
11.Halliburton Corp.


1.Republican Party
2.Democrat (Communist Socialist scum)Party
3."The Vatican"...Inc.
4.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
5.Republic of China
6.Federal Reserve Bankers
7.British/American puppet state of Isreal
8.B-Bnai B-rith/ADL/Mossad
9.United States Armed Forces
10.Christian Coalition of America..(Pat Robertson-Jerry Falwell)
11.CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations)

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