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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

As for the categories you mentioned, all i can say now is that we don't have the means to fight them directly as the early believers did (we can only withdraw as much as we can from the satanic systems meant to enslave us, spread the truth and most importantly stay steadfast, fearless, full of faith in God's absolute power).

For example, Muhammad (the last prophet, not the last messenger)* started delivering his inspired Quran to the tribe of Mecca, and called them to return to pure monotheism and discard the worship of idols beside God (they worshipped idols, and believed they are the daughters of God!), these Meccans (the tribe of Quraish) actually where practicing a distorted version of the religion of Abraham (Submission), they did the contact prayers (but not to God alone, but to God+idols), and did worship at the shrine of God (Kaaba).
However all their works were nullified because of idolworship (the only unforgivable sin in Quran, setting partners reverenced beside God). Same as what happend with Jesus happened to Muhammad, the people first rediculed him, and said what is this crazy guy who wants to make the gods One God!, then gradually the persecution evolved into life threats, bullying, violence. The Meccans were in full control of all the systems of Mecca (Trade, dominant culture..etc), same as the situation of the world now.
So what did Muhammad and the few followers do? they had to emigrate to another small city (called Medina or City in Arabic), slowly but surely, God supported them in numbers and power untill they reached a state where they could challenge the Meccans and restore God's shrine back to the pure religion of Submission (One God ALONE).

[8:60] You shall prepare for them all the power you can muster, and all the equipment you can mobilize, that you may frighten the enemies of GOD, your enemies, as well as others who are not known to you; GOD knows them. Whatever you spend in the cause of GOD will be repaid to you generously, without the least injustice.


What happened next is that God granted Victory to the Submitters over the Meccans (who surrendered at the arrival of the bythen powerfull Submitters).


Another profound example that God teaches us in Quran is the Children of Israel, who fled from the persecution of Pharaoh, lead by Moses,

[2:49] Recall that we saved you from Pharaoh's people who inflicted upon you the worst persecution, slaying your sons and sparing your daughters. That was an exacting test from your Lord.

[7:137] We let the oppressed people inherit the land, east and west, and we blessed it. The blessed commands of your Lord were thus fulfilled for the Children of Israel, to reward them for their steadfastness, and we annihilated the works of Pharaoh and his people and everything they harvested.

As you can see from the above examples, Victory is guaranteed for the submitters.

how to become a submitter?

the first pillar of Submission is (I bear witness that: There is no god except God), the first half means that you should first denounce all the satanic ideas in your mind that anything or anyone has any power on its own, independent of God, or to make it more clear, to reach a conviction that Only God can harm or benefit you, to break free from the visible illusion, all the organizations you mentioned have ZERO power, their image is meant as a test for you, nothing more and nothing less.

Then after you remove all the false centers, false gods from your mind (money, outer appearances, powerfull armies..etc) you are now ready to proclaim out loud that ONLY God has power, and submit to HIm alone.

At that moment you will lose all fear, all obsessions, addictions. (the five other pillars of Submission, Contact prayer, fasting, Pilgrimage,Obligatory charity) are only meant to keep you in this state of mind untill your time comes.

If you look closely at the series of global events, you will find that Satan is trying his best to stain and give a bad name to Islam (Submission in english), ofcourse the modern Islam is actually satanic, however Satan knows that Submission (the real one of Abraham) is the biggest threat to his kingdom, just imagine millions of FREE people who are fearless of anything or anyone except God! how dangerous would they be for Satan's kingdom of darkness.

I know that embracing Submission (Islam in Arabic), and i mean ofcourse the original version is difficult because of the propaganda, but rest assured that this is the call of God, it's not my call, i just deliver. God inspired me to UNITE the submitters around the world in one united nation as a first step, what comes next will be one of two (emigration to a free place) or direct victory from God, i am waiting for this year to end to assess the prophecies that you may find on my website, untill then, i will try my best to unite the sincere around One God, one book, one religion God willing.

**Don't let the devil short circuit you at the word "Islam"!**

[3:139] You shall not waver, nor shall you grieve, for you are the ultimate victors, if you are believers.

[110:1] When triumph comes from GOD, and victory.
[110:2] You will see the people embracing GOD's religion in throngs.
[110:3] You shall glorify and praise your Lord, and implore Him for forgiveness. He is the Redeemer.


[46:31] "O our people, respond to the call of GOD, and believe in Him. He will then forgive your sins, and spare you a painful retribution."

* A prophet is a messenger who delivers a scripture.
God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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