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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

Jeeze.. I think I'll just cut and paste the entire Bible into one message.. Aside from that.. I think that Satan is some kind of other dimensional being.. I think his first contact point is with the Rothschilds.. I have read that they occasionally set a place for him at the diner table. Perhaps because of inbreeding they are able to channel him.

I suspect the dark power then goes out to other family members of the multinational banking cartel. The FED is one of Satans bastions.. I figure he would be very close to the source of money and unearned wealth created by usury.. If you look at the stockholders of the FED you will notice that they are all involved in the profits of death or suffering. These are the same corporations that control our national press.. Our government is owned by corporations, they are the people that create organizations like the Council On Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commissions.. We citizens are their slaves, The only reason that they let us vote is that it makes us responsible for the debts they create in our name.. We and our ancestors are slaves to the ruler of this world. The only way out of it is to renounce all material possessions and listen to and follow the path that God puts in front of us.
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