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Default What's wrong with this picture?

While she chainsmokes menthols...:roll:Yeah, you saw it correctly.
A large part of the paradox surroundng this NWO social engineering is that as people are slowly losing more of their precious rights and freedoms, they are becoming even more selfish, petty and downright hypocritical. It's as if they hope to augment their own diminishing self-worth by assailing and criticizing others for the sightest of offenses.
Like the NIMBY syndrome, where people stampede their local council meetings to protest any new construction or development project, even in the poorest neighborhoods, without any consideration for the possible benefits or a willingness to compromise in the best interests of all concerned parties.
I recall a local zoning meeeting I attended a few years back where someone was requesting a change in a neighborhood for a development project, and even before the plans were completely laid out, this trio of overbearing, behemoth women -- two daughters and a mother, all spilling out of fluroescent spandex jumpsuits -- began wailing at a fever pitch that they didn't want any shopping malls or fast food joints in their nieghborhood.
I remember craning my head back -- and all around aproximately 180 degrees to take the entire spectacle in -- and thinking to myself, "Oh yeah, like I can see you girls are really allergic to fast food joints and shopping malls..." Yet everyone -- even the crooked politicians concerned -- concealed their snickering and attempted to patronize them, somehow resisitng the temptation to grab an air dart rifle and implement a tag and release program as the situation seemed to warrant.
It's like everyone has their finger stuck in their neighbor's pie, because their own appetite has soured and they want to spread the misery. They have turned us against ourselves, no more love your neighbor, but rather incessant contentiousness is the order of the day.
Without a clue of who their real oppressors are, most of the sheeple just lash out blindly at the first convenient victim, usually another "goy" like themselves. Or they rage impotently against authority for the wrong reasons and the wrong issues.
That's the best I can explain it, although I'm sure there's something in The Protocols or some other Illuminati propoganda that delineates the phenomenon more accurately.

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