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Default Where is this board at now?

I made alot of mistakes in my life and I do attest to them. To those that I once had long good conversations with I wish you good will, I realize that one of the reasons that you might have left CC was because I started drifting off, sort of why I felt a great need to leave this previous time, for the few short days I did.
I'm sorry that I sounded like those that seem to have taken over this board, I now realize my faults.
Please don't consider me one of the those that want to kill this forum!
As I see it, there were alot of good minds here at one time, but, whether it was my fault or not, they have all left, and as I have said before, Makow needs to keep this forum consistant with what he intended it should be, and not let the lunatics take over, and with that, I mean me to.
Do something constructive, save your site from heading down the blackhole it has met.
OK, who is going to be the first in insulting this post?
Because, I know thats all I can expect from little minds.

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