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redrat11 wrote:
Your Not Going To Believe This!

Right NOW on the Radio I'm hearing from the NY Yankees ballplayers that the dead player in the plane crash was always talking about conspiracies to his teamates, one of his teamates said he frequently talked about JFK JR. and other conspiracies. Go Figure! It's 5:15 PM MSTime where I'm at now. :-)

Interesting, just shows that anyone that discovers the hidden truths will be "taken out" by Government thugs. What a shame that our own home is being torn apart from the inside out.

Do you remember the recent tape from Bin Laden saying that the next attack will come from people that are american not Islamic?

Think about it.... western United states water system tainted with ick, infecting first spinich then letace, now on 10-11 a very remenessant crash into a building on a date that matches the events that opened the worlds eyes.... Something is not right.

Look at the Bush\Bin Laden connections in the past... Things that make you go HMMMMMM
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