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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start

Start with the Irish Vikings ......! you know the ones with blue eyes but no freckles ... send them back to their loved ones in Scandinavia.....!

Then start with the brown eyed bastard children of the viking traders you know the Saxons....(the whites with brown eyes) send them back to Saxony , Spain Italy etc etc....!

Then the Jews send them back to Israel.....!

The Indians back to india etc etc etc ....!

And maybe I'll get a good nights sleep and might have a chance to bump into a freckled blue eyed maiden with whom i can procreate and fullfill human destiny - well start to get homo sapiens on the right track at least. If all freckled people with blue eyed were surrounded by freckled people with blue eyes everywhere we look, then do you think they would be able to run away and cause problems all over the place. They would do what they were told.... and yep you guessed it it would be me doing the telling ME --- let me assure you of it ... !

Bloody vikings did it this time just the same as the saxons....all the bloody same.
You know this country in which I live what you call England - I boprn here and bloodlines been here for like thousands of years have been the victim of racist attacks by white brown eyed - brown skin brown eyed - Irish runts - all sorts of people ... ! Little two bit mason Saxon loving faggots sucking saxon dog arse to be given one of my females. But the problem is he doesnt deserve one as he RAN away from his own fight in his own country ... makes me sick to be honest why don't they just get sent home....! If course because im a rarity in my country IE blue eyed and freckled and white every fucking two bit piss ant little scum dog blue eyed freckled and none freckled Mick comes over here to live my fucking that I have worked and fought for all my life MY piece of England back ....!
Get out of my country you fucking pissant freckled irish scum go back and fight for your own piece of your OWN fucking tribal lands .... Ill call you if i need you ....!
Brythonic blue eyed freckled and yellow .... for fucks sake no wonder their parents wanted the fucking runts dead, little faggots. FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN TRIBAL LANDS you pissant scumfucking pigs .... ! What the fuck is the matter with them...! These aint your own tribal lands wakey wakey .... GO HOME catholic scum... your worse than the fucking runaway Christians back in 00 AD ... ! How many jews do you see with freckles .... ? ANSWER THIS QUESTION ..... !
Im a Brython king you pedant fucking piss arses. GO HOME ... and FIGHT for your own tribal lands ... I nor they need YOUR fucking genetic here....!
I AM THE KING ........!The king without a bride ...! Ill put you on the fucking boat myself if you dont do as i tell you ... you piss ant wipper snapper...! picks on his own specie also but a foreigner - he was obviously trying to make his daddy proud by hating the English ... he also had the audacity to say to ME 'I SAID NO...!' ... what is he a faggot or something...?

You all think going to another country is how to become a man .... LMAO .... IM A FUCKING MAN you faggots ....!


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