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Default Fritz Springmeier, Illuminati?

Is Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati, in fact Illuminati himself?


RP: Have there been any repercussions, like threats on your life for helping Illuminati Rothschild survivors?

MK: Virtually none. The Lord has helped me to not be afraid and as long as he wants me to be alive and untouched, he won't allow anyone to get to me.

RP: What do you think of _______ (name of individual intentionally withheld), who is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the Illuminati and mind control and has written several books on the subject matter?

MK: I think he's a double-agent working for the other side [the Illuminati]. ______ never gets to the bottom line of what it takes to get people free of this stuff. He tells alot of truth but complicates it and leaves alot of people feeling hopeless and confused... ... He says he's a Christian yet leaves his family and moves in with a MONARCH woman, who he says he's deprogrammed but the reality is she's still being controlled. And this is not just my opinion but also therapists who specialize in MPD or what they now call, DID [Dissociative Identity Disorder]. Some of these experts in the field who have evaluated him during his presentations say that he has the characteristics of a programmer and someone under mind control... He and ______ had gone to a church near Portland [Oregon] telling the pastor they have an Illuminati familiy in their congregation and would like to talk to them about it. My question is, "How did they know they were Illuminati without even knowing them?". What I think they are trying to do is gain trust by exposing the secrets but even in his book he says the Illuminati put out their secrets and plans up front.

RP: I have also read that book you are referring to and on one of the pages he discusses how programmers test young children at an early age to see what occupations they are best suited for. One of the specializations was that of a, "social and religious reformer". Interestingly, ______ was interviewed by Contact: The Phoenix Liberator, which is regarded as a CIA "front" tabloid. Anyhow, during the interview he was asked what his calling was and he replied: "to be a social and religious reformer".

MK: Yes, and I know of one survivor who drew a picture of a man at a ritual. Now this was several years ago before ______ became well known. I showed the drawing to his ex-wife and she knew right away that was him. She also showed it to her youngest son at he said, "that's daddy!"... I've seen the psychological evaluation of that young boy and it clearly shows PTSD [ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] through sexual abuse.
Of course the name is blotted out but I could tell it was Fritz. I know he was written many books on mind control. He and Cisco Wheeler among their many works authored, The Illuminate Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave It is a fact that Cisco Wheeler was a mind control slave of the MONARCH program. Fritz was in fact served with divorce papers and did spend a lot of time at Cisco's house.


Springmeier became interested in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, even though he supposedly became a Christian during his ‘teen years. While attending Kingdom Hall, he met a woman who he eventually married and had a child together. This marriage did not last long, as his wife filed for divorce on the grounds of child abuse – a charge that was never proven. The custody rights of their young son went to her. Disgruntled over the court decision, Fritz kidnaped the boy and fled to Oregon from the mid-west. He eluded law enforcement for about two years and was finally captured by the FBI. Springmeier was sentenced and served an unspecified amount of time in a federal prison. Some time after his release, he went back to Oregon and became involved in a counter-cult ministry to JW’s called, Witness Inc.

Due to unresolved disagreements with the leadership of the organization, he abruptly left. Shortly thereafter, Fritz joined another ministry but departed for reasons unknown. Around this time period, Springmeier met a Christian woman and married for the second time. He jokingly told her the reason he married her was because of her bloodline, which comes from an Illuminati family. She later came to the realization that it may have been closer to truth than not.

In the early 1990's, Fritz decided to go into full time ministry, along with being a stay-home dad with their new born son. While doing research on the Illuminati, he came across a woman by the name of Linda Anderson, who uses the alias, Cisco Wheeler. She is reputed to be a survivor of MK ULTRA-MONARCH programming. Springmeier became fascinated by her vast wealth of information, which he used extensively in his newsletters and books. This fascination soon turned into an obsession as Fritz started regularly spending the night at her house in order to protect her from being accessed. Strangely, Cisco’s husband lived in another dwelling next to the house, but did not seem to mind Fritz staying there. Springmeier’s wife, however, was quite concerned and upset over her husband s close relationship with Cisco. He would tell those close around him that his wife did not understand how important it was that he stay close to Cisco because her life was in jeopardy and he was one of the few people that could truly help her.

As a result of all the turmoil within the Springmeier family, their youngest son was experiencing severe emotional problems. Fritz’ wife took him to a therapist for an evaluation. The therapist felt the youngster may have been traumatized through sexual abuse. Another counselor also evaluated the psychological report and drew the same conclusion.

One day, Fritz’ wife found a black box under their bed. To her astonishment, there were several fake ID’s with Fritz’ picture on many of them. He used such aliases as Ian McDiarmid, Peter Dunne, Amos Eicher, and Vernon Schwartz. Fritz’ wife could no longer deal with his deceptiveness, insensitivity and abandonment so she filed for a divorce.
Fritz Springmeier has in fact spoken in front of the Prophecy Club at least once. PrisonPlanet hosts that video in two parts. It can be downloaded from this site (scroll WAY down). I will have to go back through it over the holidays to see if it contains the following:
I saw a video of when he spoke at the Prophecy Club about the CIA programming Amish boys for assassinations. He slipped up and almost said, "we" do this and quickly changed it to, "they" referring to the CIA. It seemed to un-nerve him a little bit

It could be that he has spoken in front of the Prophecy Club more than once but he did talk about mind control in this particular lecture so going through this one is certainly a good start.

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