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Terry's husband Michael Shiavo had once said that he and his wife (Terry) were discussing this very same thing, -- that if anything were to happen (like this to her), she would not want to be kept alive.????

There is no living will.

Even other doctors have voiced that there should have been continuity of therapy/rehab.

Someone I know actually saw Ms. Terry Shiavo, and she responds with her eyes. When you speak to her, she is very aware of dialoque to the point that again she batters her eyelids. Her mother claims that Terry was able (is able) to squeeze someone's hand. And as the article states, she is able to her even a wisper.

Though she is paralyzed, how can you shut life off from someone who sees and understands people when they are looking and speaking to her.

I don't know how this constitutes being in a coma stage.

I couldn't pull the plug, or take out a tube on anyone that has that awareness. That is not brain dead.
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