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Default Re: Predictive Programming, Watching movies with a critical eye

Originally Posted by Leonardo View Post
Actually, the Illuminati are Nazis.
No, they aren't. Illuminati and "nazis" are on oposite sides. That's why the "nazis" are always depicted as mass-murdering monsters (which is incorrect)

Originally Posted by Leonardo View Post
Most do not know but Ordo Illuminati is only the first grade in the system of degrees.

There are 10, which are as follows:

1. Members born into Illuminati are born nursed and watch cartoons and Seseme Street for the first 4 years.

2. Then they are Initiated into the Cub Scouts Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

3. Next they are initiated into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and go on a two year missionary journey as elders.

4. Next they are initiated into the Church of Scientology where they become a 'clear', and get to meet with Tom Cruise and John Travolta and take a ride in the airplane.

5. Next they are initiated into the American Evangelical Convention, where they take a cruise to Israel with John Haggee, enjoy great BBQ, meet with Joel Olstein for a self esteem seminar, and get free tickets to Max Lucados church for dramatic presentations.

6. They are initiated into the Scottish Rite where they learn to bake meth, grow weed, and pack coke.

7. They join the Southern Baptist Convention where they learn to prepare and serve quick and easy hot pot luck lunches and southern hospitality for future Illuminati rituals.

8. They are initiated into the Shriners where they learn to hold fundraisers like walking around on the street collecting change from passersby, advertise warehouse community garage sales, hold car washes on saturday.

9. They are initiated into the church of Satan where they are allowed free tickets to sea world, view Anton LaVey's ashe, and practice their Kung Fu on Marilyn Manson.

10. They are initiated into the Lion's club where they learn to play poker, dominos, chickenfoot, checkers, and shoot the moon, for future reference of holding Saturday night festivals at retirement homes and local chess clubs.
That sounds like a parody....
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