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Default Re: The Truth About Jesus

When we talk about the truth of Jesus we cannot over look the fact that there is a lot of sinning going on in the world. So no one has died for the sins of the world. This idea is two sided. Yes, it has healing power which is that there has now come one who has died for your sins, so you do not have to worry if you accept him you will have a new life like a new born baby. So yes if a person accepts that belief and stops sinning then it can heal. The flip side of it is that it gives the ignorant a license to commit all types of sins because their logic is why should I worry about sinning if someone has died for my sins. In predominantly Christian countries you see more moral sins than any other place in the world. So this belief has had more of a negative affect on them. By comparing Jesus to God is not doing a favor to Jesus. When I read the Bible Jesus is in constant worship of God through prayer, fasting, and living his life as God's servant. In fact the people who seem to follow Jesus most based on how he lived his life in the Bible are Muslims. Jesus never walked on the earth comparing himself to God or connecting himself to God. That was done by man to enslave man, they wanted to take the worhip away from God. So the Bible asked will a man rob God? It is referring to man taking the worship that is only do to God away and worshipping something else. When we evolve to our God consciousness we will be blessed to see Jesus as nothing more than a humble servant of Allah.
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