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Default What are the secrets of the bible?

I would like to start this thread by saying that I believe parts of the bible have been mis-translated and mis-interpreted. Having said that, I feel the first five books
of the bible are as it was written.

Since other available copies where around when the bible became the KJV (the latest major re-assembly) of the first five, I would suggest it would have been difficult to manipulate these.

Proverbs, Psalms seem like Solomon to me. Keep in mind, Solomon lost Gods favor in the end, and none of his children were handed the wisdoms. So, we should at least have this in mind as we read this.

Was King David a man after Gods hearts. Remember, God said, "I will make Kings for you", to his people, but he wasn't happy about doing it. God knew this would bring about tyranny.

But the people asked for it. Then God sent Jesus. God seems to always use one hero in his stories. Like Noah, Abraham, Moses, one person had the power to change our futures.

Like one seed that grows 1000's apples over the life of the tree, we are seeds that have been sown. Do we bring forth good fruit?

I always take the bible sorta literally, so I bought a piece of land that I intend to farm, literally sowing seeds.

It was sorta like that when I went out a picked up a homeless man and brought him into my home to experience comfort, and a hot shower, hot meal and some genuine interest in his story.

Turned out when I did it, I happened to pick up a guy who said he was God's Last Prophet.
The Last Prophet

Call me crazy, but I believed him. He stayed at my home for a month. The whole event changed my life completely.

Don't like church. God is all around, all the time. Church, and sabbaths make us lazy. Everyday is Holy. We can live holy lives, but have fun at it and enjoy the gifts that are all
around us, just waiting to be opened.

So, let's talk about some secrets hidden in the bible. By God? Maybe. I would suggest those that know about them, and don't tell others, haven't actually found secrets, just hidden passages,

like Psalm 119.

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