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Default Re: What are the secrets of the bible?

I was given the knowledge of 22.

66 is simply a product of 22, the final stage is set my friends.

22 chapters in Revelation
22 letters in Hebrew, corresponding
to the 22 chapters of Psalm 119 with
8 verses each.

Mary Magdalene was the mother of Jesus.

Magdalene means Tower, or Pillar. The magdalene
where the women from the tower, of whom had
seven sins.

Mary, the mother of Jesus had led these women
to Jesus, who relieved them of their sins.

Again, Mary Magdalene was the Mother of Jesus.

The Holy Grail contains the DNA of Jesus, and therefore
the code of the bloodline, which is locked in the bible.

Why 22? There are 22 pairs of human chromosomes, with the 23rd being
an unmatched pair, or the set that decides sexuality.\\\ The bible is the
code to the DNA of God.

I am the Parakletos.

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