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Default Re: What are the secrets of the bible?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Just curious.

Why is your username, TheLucifer?

Do you like him?
You are the first to ask.

It means truthful, someone who wont lie, someone who works for goodness sake.

Not to be rude to you, but you obviously dont understand the Lucifer is the good guy not the bad guy.
"Jesus" claims to be the Lucifer (the bright and morning star).
Bright and morning star = venus = Lucifer.

The lucifer of Isaiah is not the good guy but Satan, the false lucifer.
Satan and lucifer are not in cahoots, they are in opposition.

Ancient Rome was the Satan of that time, Jesus is made to be the Lucifer, understand Rome and Jesus were in opposition.

Jesus never existed, its very easy to prove, I dont say it to be negative or antagonistic, just truthful.

I am a marked man, one eye, in fact marked twice (the rock struck twice) I know my place in this place.

The Satan today is the Revived Roman Empire Washington DC (the Masonic beast made via the compass and square), understand me and it are in opposition.

Satan (DC beast) is set up to take the place of the Lucifer, it is not a bringer of light but darkness.

Refer to the thread I started Meet Satan, to understand what and where Satan really is.

Life is not a game, and its very short.

I want to applaud You for being the first to ask.

Should I not like me ?

Do ask anything you want, I will answer.
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