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Default Re: Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
O.K now you've just proven to me that the whole thing is rubbish. For a start i was'nt talking about going to the police at the time. Whats to stop you going to the police now. Where have your good christian morales gone now then eh, and by repeatedly mentioning the fact that you were thirteen are you trying to convince me or your self.

If your adamant its true then i'll call the police on your behalf and tell them someone called Public enemy number one and give the name of this site, witnessed a murder when he was thirteen. Hes a bit to scared to call but i think someone should try to get justice for the man who was killed. It would take them about half an hour to get hold of your details and contact you.

How would you feel about that?

If you were as scared as you say you were you would'nt be on a social site like this blabbing about secrets that could "get you killed". Unless your seriousely dumb. Some people may be stupid enough to believe you but i aint one them. Time to find a new fantasy. Is your life really that empty?
That's the point..No one WILL believe me.

How do I prove a negative? What evidence do I have besides my memory? Sure, I could tell them the house it happened in-it was my childhood home. But do you really think there so stupid as to leave a rotting body there? Come on! By now, it's probably in a hole some where, God only knows where.
Mentioning I was 13 is to give you context. If I HAD been an adult, and I HAD been a Born-Again Christian THEN, yes, I would have called the cops and got into some kind of witness protection program-BUT I wasn't. I made the best of a very, very bad situation. Was it the right choice, the one God would approve? Of course not. but at the time I was scared witless and all I wanted to do was to keep my head down and my mouth shut.
But, heck, you want to go to the trouble, knock yourself out. Call the police and tell them some guy, using a psuedonym on a conspiracy forum knows about a murder. I am sure I will have TONS of credibility being on a forum that deals with U.F.O's, The New World Order and Reptillians.
But..if it comes down to it, and they lock me in some loony bin, then you and I will have to discuss compensation for my incarceration. I am sure you would be willing to pay my house note, my car note, e.t.c, if the authorities decide, based on this site, that I belong to the Tinfoil Hat Brigade.

Ball in your court. If you agree, I'll have to first get a lawyer to contact you and will have to sign a legally binding agreement that specifies that should I be incarcerated, you will reimburse me for it.

Now, to qoute a movie "Either nut up or shut up"

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