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Default Re: Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
My suggestion to Public Enemy Number One is that he provide the forum with as much information as he can about his life within a satanic cult.

He does not need to seek the approval of anyone on this forum and it doesn't matter who believes him and who doesn't.
Well, sheesh..What I know is from my personal life.

The first thing people don't realize is that not all Satanists are the same. Some DO believe in a literal Satan and some do not. Some merely are called that but in reality believe they are worshipping an Evil Force-Like hte Zorastrians Ahriman.
The point is that the way my parents worked was by keeping "the goods" on other Coven members. In other words, they had info that would get them locked up for a long time. That is why it is so important for them to get you involved in illegal stuff..once they get you that way, most are too afraid to escape.
The Coven my parents were involved in mixed Crawleyism with Anton Lavey's ideas, but were really eclatic. But to summarize, our "demonolgy" was based on mostly Ceremonial Magic, using the Keys of Solomon along with Crowley's ideas of Sex Magick.
Put briefly, it worked like this: the demons were invoked using invocations from the Keys of Solomon ( a grimiore). We would invoke the demon into the middle of the inverted pentacle in the ritual circle, and then the High Priest (my father) would behead a cat or a chicken and offer the blood as an offering to the demon. Then he would bind the demon to his will to do something- a satanic curse, or maybe to make some woman fall in love with him.
The biggest part of it was to overcome taboos. So..part of our spiritual program was for members to do things that was "unnatural" for them or disgusting. Hetrosexual men would have sex with other hetrosexual men, e.t.c . The idea was we had all been perverted by the Judeo-Christian society and in a sense, by doing what was disgusting and forbidden we would free ourselves.
We did, very, very occasionally human sacrafices. But we did, OFTEN, semen sacrafices- this involved masterbation and the ejaculate being burned in a braizer of coals. Since sperm is the basis for impregnation, we believed this was the equivalent to human sacrafice. However, since the most powerful sacrafices are ones where the sacraficed being suffers intense pain, for the most important rituals we used adults.
Humans are hard to acquire and once dead, hard to get rid of. Thus we reserved this only to real important events, like rituals done on Satanic holidays.

As for drugs, we used them recreationally except for hallucogenic drugs. Hallocigenic was used under the spiritual direction of either my Father or other "spiritual guides", mostly people farther advanced spiritually in the Coven. The idea was by using L.S.D, peyote or mushrooms, we could guide the person to a an altered state of counsciousness. In this state, the person could more easily perceive the demons and more easily let them come into them and "possess" them. Demons were seen as real spiritual entities that would lend the person possessed powers that were preternatural.
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