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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
As impossible as it may sound at first, and I have been studying this phenomena for several years now, but it would appear that the International Space Station (ISS) and the Space Shuttle are a complete hoax. I have managed to prove this by directly viewing the ISS through a privately owned telescope (a Newtonian of 6 inch aperture at low magnification and using manual tracking). On every occasion I have viewed the ISS, and I am an experienced observer, a perfectly round object is revealed presenting no angular projections whatsoever. This entirely goes against what we have officially been told regarding the exact configuration of the ISS which could loosely be described as shaped somewhat like an ‘aeroplane’.
In my 8" schmidt-cassegrain I can see ISS just fine, and no it's not round at all. In fact, the solar panels and modules of the station are quite obvious and beautiful to behold. Here's a picture from my telescope to prove it:
If you're telling the truth about what you saw and the equipment you used, I suggest you double check your focus and verify that you're really pointing at the space station.
In addition to this and despite the fact that we are told that the Space Shuttle performs an unpowered landing, i.e. it glides, video footage taken from both outside and inside of the Shuttle on landing appears to betray what is clearly background engine noise. Besides how could a delta winged aircraft with such a weight to wingspan ratio possibly glide anyway?
First of all, I've been to the landings, there's no engine noise, just the sound of the wind disrupted by the shuttle's massive presence as soon as the sonic booms pass by. If it were a fighter jet engine blazing past mach 1, it'd be a hell of a lot louder if it were really that close (it flew right over my head about one minute from landing).
Further night time landings when viewed from the rear of the Shuttle reveal peculiar red lights directly inside the rocket combustion chambers mounted at the rear of the craft.
Wrong, although if you view it against the black night sky before the spotlights hit it, you can see the faint red glow of the heat shield as it flies overhead.
It is also evidently the case that NASA scientists have not been entirely honest when it comes to the immediate hazards presented to spacecraft by the space environment. For example the Earth’s upper atmosphere is comprised largely of ionized atomic oxygen at temperatures at times approaching 1,400°C. This gas apparently produces a noticeable drag factor for spacecraft such as the ISS which has to be re-boosted every three months or so. But this gas in reality would be more corrosive than any acid found in an Earth laboratory such as hydrofluoric acid which easily corrodes glass.
LOL, there are so few atoms of gas, and they bounce away immediately when hit, that there's no way it could be corrosive.
Further the Sun’s spectrum of radiative output (assuming it to be a blackbody of a temperature of 5,770 Kelvin) contains ultraviolet light possessing the required quantum energy to break open not only every organic bond known to man but every inorganic bond known to man as well.
That's just wrong, ultraviolet light doesn't do that. If it did, no satellite could exist.
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