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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Astronut, you claim that you can see the ISS just fine in your telescope and that it is not round but we are obliged to take your word for it. How do we know you aren't working for NASA yourself? I mean its not impossible is it? And no my telescope was not out of focus, it was the first thing I checked! And incidentally members of The Flat Earth Society were able to independantly confirm the round shape of the ISS through telescopes.

You claim to have seen a Shuttle landing and that there was no noise. Again we have to take your word for this. How do you explain the obvious noise in the video footage?

The red lights at the rear of the Shuttle are clearly visible in photos of night time landings. How do you explain this?

As for your 'bouncing atoms' which explains why gas atoms don'y react in space.............oh dear, oh dear, oh dear......

You claim UV does not break molecular bonds........! It ionizes atoms silly, of course it breaks bonds as well!
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