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Default Re: Industrial Revolution

Although there have been genocides on the accounts of all races. I believe that white people have been the cause on most occasions.

Most Chinese massacres only occurred after the west had integrated into the society.
The Rwandan genocide was the fault of the Europeans, as they segregated people because of their proportions, and created animosity amongst them.
In Sierra Leone, people are murdered each day because of white diamond merchants such as De Beers.
Massacres in India - British colonization.
Boxer revolution - British colonization.
Native Americans Killed by white settlers.
Native South Africans - Oppressed by white settlers
Aborigines Oppressed and decimated by white settlers.

I believe, though, that there is no excuse. A man who murders another is no different in Gods eyes, to another murderer. As they all serve their god Satan, and are no different. They all have black hearts.
What comes from the heart is what makes you.
Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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