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Default The Net Cultivates Misdirection & Passivity and Ultimately Obssession With Trivia

The following post is too important to me to let pass as "just" an answer to another post so I'll start a new topic for all newcomers to the site so that you know where to look for hopefully another direction of thinking besides the usual, by now almost mainstream(!) conspiracy discussions. This forum runs the risk of becoming just that; an institution of "alternative" thinking, and as all institutions gravitates slowly but surely towards stagnation and information overload.

There are so many sites like this one, where people honestly try to collect valuable knowledge but to me it doesn't seem to me to really lead anywhere.

Please, don't take offence. I have myself written quite a bit on this forum so I'm just as culpable as anyone on here. I just haven't seen any changes in anyone but myself, which really was the point of my exercise in the first place.

So the following is then something I posted elswhere. I apologize for any inconvenience.


"One of the first things I said on this forum was that in essence people were spending too much time in front of their computer screens and not enough time appreciating the beautiful things in this life.

In the end we're not better than people spending weeks discussing the latest development on American Survivor/Pop Stars/Temptation Island only we discuss the latest coverup, bribe/murder/mind control/conspiracy scandal.

I have not written anything substantial for a while because frankly I'm not sure if it leads in the "right" direction. That, btw, would be towards everyone's individual and wholehearted effort towards spiritual freedom.

Personally, I'm quite fed up with all and every discussion about the latest conspiracy, simply because we can go on discussing it endlessly without it leading us anywhere. In the best of scenarios we're treading water. That's actually what I think the Internet is really for: distraction and misdirection. Sure, a lot of information is published by a lot of worthy and honest people with good intentions but what ACTUALLY happens is that information is getting lost in the violent flood of information, getting mixed with disinfo, misinfo, lies, truths - that's the worst thing: truths are getting flushed down the toilet and forgotten because it's mixed with a lot of crap. I see people on this site discaring valuable truths every day.

We're exposed to so much "information" we get dizzy and finally can't see the difference between truth and falsehood.

In the end I haven't actually seen ANY changes for the better since I joined this forum. I don't mean that there should've been a difference just because you, I - we - discuss important things here. I mean that I actually can't see any changes for the better happening in the future either, just because we're discussing thing here.

It's been said before that the only way to change anything to the better is to lead by example. Sitting in front of a computer and knowing where and how to find great sites with valuable information about the NWO conspiracy is NOT leading by example. The only thing we teach the younger generation is to be passive. They really don't need US teaching them THAT; the State is laughing at us, we're playing straight into their hands helping them underline their subversion of tomorrows' generation.

If we're so well informed and are so on the money, knowing what we claim to know then we really need to take appropriate ACTION to back up all our proud, defiant, self assured words. If we talk the talk, we should walk the walk. We don't walk the walk by sitting in front of our computers screaming "conspiracy!"

This site is getting very big and increasingly difficult to navigate. There's a lot of regulars, a lot of newcomers a few subversives and agent provocateurs and saboteurs...

I recommend all relative newcomers to read the posts of Vlad, Ahmad and myself, if you like what I've written in this post, along with Institute, Protocol, john, crowneagle and 55132 all of whom I think have valuable and interesting things to say and a very comprehensive understanding of NWO global affairs. Apart from these people I would like to warmly recommend marypopinz, freeman and truebeliever simply because they are the VIPs of this site and for a reason: they have their Hearts in the right place."

Truth, Beauty, Love

Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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