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Default Re: Land Of The Puppet People

So scary and yet so true.

My son went on a school field trip to the art museum in London and dude jumped off the building and splat himself right in front of my son's class.

The woods that are not five minutes from my home was the crime scene for the male rape of one of my son's new friends in the area. The criminal is already set on the loose and has served his time... for fuck's sake!

And the icing on the cake is a couple of Friday nights ago my son was walking near another set of woods in our area and heard a girl screaming. Come to find out, his childhood mates girlfriend of 13, was being raped.

My eldest daughter worked in a bar where they have under 18's nights for the under 18's. Half of the crowd which begins at age 11 and 12 is @pilled out of their faces' on ecstasy. The girls looked like Britney spears wannabe whores in their push up bra's around their under-developed breasts. Sick!!!!!!!!

My daughter's comment which I found Ooh so appropriate.

Not only did their parents drop them off at the club in that state and wearing that apparel.... they probably took them out shopping to buy their slutty gear and gave them the money for the drugs "unknowingly".

Most parents are so consumed in their greedy materialistic lives, they haven't a fucking clue what their kids are having to cope with.

My two cents
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