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Default Re: Laurence Gardner vs. De Vere. Gardner: NWO Agent Of Subversion?

Could'nt agree more.

It's the repression of feeling that kills. If i cannot feel, i cannot have empathy. The notion..."I and the other are one"...cannot be if you cannot feel.

"What you do to the least of your bretheren you do unto me".

Trouble is...deep below, in a place we dont want to know about is a great big void. "The terror, the void, of complete loneliness".

Till you can face that you can never die.

You can go voluntarily or one can go kicking and screaming but sooner or later each of us must meet the dark night of the soul. Each of us must go deep into that metaphorical forest.

The greatest pain is to feel betrayed and abandoned. The deepest pain and the deepest wound as Christ attested.
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