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It doesn't take a economic genius to understand that America is headed into the category of a third world country. In order to accomplish this, ties must be severed with allies and the isolation begins. We will be seen as an "enemy" and not a friend. This is taking place at present.

Collapsing the dollar, collapsing the stock market; is this not the way the "money changers" were given power in the first place to remove, under the constitution, the ability for Congress to print money?

This is written in the "books." To "collapse the economy."

They control the economy and like most everything else it is an illusion.

The United Nation's plays a great role in creating isolation and starvation. Cutting countries off from the rest of the world for their "leaders" bad deeds. As usual, the so-called "corrupt" government is to blame for the sanctions that have been placed upon the country. In reality, the puppetmasters have lead them to this end.

Desperation follows, populations suffer and long after we are gone, civilizations disappear. And then what will be written about them?

In Peace,
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