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Default Re: Subliminal Message in TV shows and Movies both past and Present

Originally Posted by albie View Post
I wonder if you would even understand me when I say that this is not evidence of anything. Anyone can see these themes in modern culture. Anyone can use them. Just like you can make a devil horn sign with your hand and not be a devil worshipper.

Oh, sorry, were you looking for dumbasses to preach to? Sorry. I'm one of those who thinks and judges the evidence.

First off, let me just say this I appreciate all of the post and comments. I like everyone’s opinions on the subjects and the topics and I do want to emphasize opinions on topics; meaning nothing is written in stone. I want to first address revolution 60; I like the ads that you posted. Who knows, maybe there is something to it, the elite’s have their own hidden code, hell, for everything. As for albie __

I am a bit confused. Well…let me take that back. You all are a bit confused. First off, you are on a conspiracy website, which means the stories on here are of the second nature, which means all topics are discussed and all possibilities are open for interpretation. As for your comment about “were we looking for dumbasses to preach too”. No…dumbasses are who they are; people with closed minds, I let them be who they are.

When I joined this forum I thought I had left the dumbasses behind and found some real people who actually see the hidden things most common people don’t see. As I stated earlier this is a conspiracy site, which means you get topics like this. If you were intelligent enough to be asked to join a society you would find out that there are many hidden symbols and codes in everything. Scientists are doing research on how the colors on fast food advertisements make you buy their food. If you think there is no message in anything why do they put these nice pictures of food on advertisements that make you hungry? And let’s talk about Hollywood; what is the one thing they do, they dress up these models and sell you the illusion of glamour and glitch such as “if you wear this perfume this star wears you can be like them”. No, you fall into the “closed mind” category friend. I honestly believe and am willing to bet, you are one of those people out there who really thinks your vote counts and that when you vote you elect the president. With all the conspiracy being uncovered about the government and life you honestly think there are no hidden agendas in the commercials they air. What is wrong with you? Wake up!

Thank you for your comments they are all appreciated and remember, if they are respectful we will respond respectfully we are professional and we expect others to be the same.

Here are just a few links to reference in defense of our argument that yes subliminal messaging does exist and is a practice that is used by media to gain an edge or control over you. I guess I shouldn't have said subliminal messages that probably scares the common reading into thinking that they can be controlled by what they see or hear on the television. Imagine that…hmmm…but anyway, read and research then make your own opinion. If you still come to the conclusion that this is completely farfetched, that’s fine. As I stated, you can have your own opinion but I am afraid that you are just another one of the common people who have closed minds.

Again, I will say this one more time...
I am a bit confused; I would like to ask alibe a question...

Why would you go to a conspiracy forum that talks about nothing but conspiracy topics and blast the topic that is posted. If you don't believe in conspiracies or the topics that come up why bother to look for them?

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