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Old 01-29-2005, 02:01 PM
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Default George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

I find this article very interesting.
(what does Khazar Jew Kabalist Soros want with this? Is he honest? Does he really think so
or this is just another "Kol Nidre"?!
Will the Masonic Illuminati swoop down on Israelis -Zionists or sacrifice them for the sake of Baal?

Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism
Uriel Heilman

Special to the Jewish Times

NOVEMBER 11, 2003

New York http://www.jewishtimes.com/News/3460.stm

It's not often that George Soros, the billionaire financier and philanthropist, makes an appearance before a Jewish audience.

It's even rarer for him to use such an occasion to talk about Israel, Jews and his own role in effecting political change.

So when Soros stepped to the podium Nov. 5 to address those issues at a conference of the Jewish Funders Network, audience members were listening carefully.

Many were surprised by what they heard.

When asked about anti-Semitism in Europe, Soros, who is Jewish, said European anti-Semitism is the result of the policies of Israel and the United States.

"There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that," Soros said. "It's not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti- Semitism as well. I'm critical of those policies."

"If we change that direction, then anti-Semitism also will diminish," he said. "I can't see how one could confront it directly."

That is a point made by Israel's most vociferous critics, whom some Jewish activists charge with using anti-Zionism as a guise for anti-Semitism.

The billionaire financier said he, too, bears some responsibility for the new anti-Semitism, citing last month's speech by Malaysia's outgoing prime minister, Mahathir Mohammad, who said, "Jews rule the world by proxy."

"I'm also very concerned about my own role because the new anti-Semitism holds that the Jews rule the world," said Soros, whose projects and funding have influenced governments and promoted various political causes around the world.

"As an unintended consequence of my actions," he said, "I also contribute to that image."

In the past, Mahathir has singled out Soros and other "Jewish financiers" for financial pressure that Mahathir said has harmed Malaysia's economy.

After the conference, some Jewish leaders who heard about the speech reacted angrily to Soros' remarks.

"Let's understand things clearly: Anti-Semitism is not caused by Jews; it's caused by anti-Semites," said Elan Steinberg, senior adviser at the World Jewish Congress. "One can certainly be critical of Bush policy or Sharon policy, but any deviation from the understanding of the real cause of anti-Semitism is not merely a disservice, but a historic lie."

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, called Soros' comments "absolutely obscene."

"He buys into the stereotype," Foxman said. "It's a simplistic, counterproductive, biased and bigoted perception of what's out there. It's blaming the victim for all of Israel's and the Jewish people's ills."

Furthermore, Foxman said, "If he sees that his position of being who he is may contribute to the perception of anti-Semitism, what's his solution to himself -- that he give up his money? That he close his mouth?"

Associates said Soros' appearance Nov. 5 was the first they could ever recall in which the billionaire, a Hungarian-born U.S. Jew who escaped the Holocaust by fleeing to London as a child, had spoken in front of a Jewish group or attended a Jewish function.

The one-day meeting on funding in Israel, which took place at the Harvard Club in New York, was limited mostly to representatives of Jewish philanthropic foundations.

After Soros' speech, Michael Steinhardt, the real-estate magnate and Jewish philanthropist who arranged for Soros to address the group, said in an interview that Soros' views do not reflect those of most Jewish millionaires or philanthropists.

He also pointed out that this was Soros' first speech to a Jewish audience.

Steinhardt approached the lectern and interrupted Soros immediately after his remarks on anti-Semitism.

"George Soros does not think Jews should be hated any more than they deserve to be," Steinhardt said by way of clarification, eliciting chuckles from the audience.

Steinhardt then gave the lectern back to Soros, who said he had something to add to his remarks on the issue of anti-Semitism. Soros then paused to ask if there were any journalists in the room.

When he learned that there were, Soros withheld further comment.

Mark Charendoff, president of the group that hosted the conference, said he was pleased overall with the Soros event.

"We found him to be enormously frank, candid and generous with his time," Charendoff said. "I would be delighted if Mr. Soros would bring his passion, his brilliance and his resources to a range of different causes that are important to the Jewish community."

Charendoff is not alone.

Regardless of what they think of his politics, most Jewish activists likely would welcome Soros' participation in the world of Jewish philanthropy.

Though he's ranked as the 28th richest person in the United States by Forbes magazine -- with a fortune valued at $7 billion -- Soros has given relatively little money to Jewish causes.

Soros' first known funding of a Jewish group came in 1997, when his Open Society Institute's Emma Lazarus Fund gave $1.3 million to the Council of Jewish Federations, and when Soros gave another $1.3 million to the Jewish Fund for Justice, an anti-poverty group.

As much as Jews may not like what Soros has to say -- at the Nov. 5 meeting, he called for "regime change" in the United States and talked of funding projects in "Palestine" -- they are eager to get Soros involved in giving to Jewish causes.

"In many ways, this was an introduction for Soros," Charendoff said. "He remarked to me how impressed he was with the quality of the people he met. We can only hope that this was a beginning of an engagement with the Jewish funding world."

Soros said he has not given much to Jewish or Israel-related causes because Jews take care of their own, so that his financial clout is better directed elsewhere.

Steinhardt tried to correct him on that point, saying the field of Jewish giving is not as crowded as Soros thinks.

"Even if we were a crowded field," Steinhardt told Soros, "I'm sure we could make room for you."

During his speech, Soros announced that he would support the "Geneva accord," an unofficial Middle East peace plan proposed by two out-of-office politicians, Israel's Yossi Beilin and Palestinian Yasser Abed Rabbo.

That plan envisions two states along pre-1967 borders and a shared Jerusalem, and is vague on the demand that Palestinian refugees from 1948 be allowed to return to Israel.

It was not clear whether Soros' support of the plan would involve funding. Beilin's office did not return a call seeking comment.


Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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Old 01-29-2005, 03:35 PM
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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

Steinhardt then gave the lectern back to Soros, who said he had something to add to his remarks on the issue of anti-Semitism. Soros then paused to ask if there were any journalists in the room.

When he learned that there were, Soros withheld further comment.

Wonder what he would have said. Well may just an explisative.

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Old 01-29-2005, 03:46 PM
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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

great article.i'll check his backround if i can find the time.is he part of this lubavitch movement?
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Old 01-29-2005, 04:31 PM
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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

First of all, everybody should know that Soros is the principal agent of the Rothschild dynasty. When he says in a Jewish assembly that: "The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to [the antisemitism]", this is part of the Rothschilds manipulation of this Jewish assembly`s public opinion. Let`s see why.

Since 1948, the State of Israel is secretely led (and even owned) by the Rothschilds who were its real founders (politically and financially). Since this date, the policy of Israel was to create and feed a harsh hatred between the Israeli and the Arab populations, especially through the constant persecution of the Palestinians. This allowed Israel to present itself as being constantly threaten by the Arab "terrorists". Thus, the US governments (until recently controlled by the Zionist lobbies) could send every year the best weaponry and several billions to "help" this "poor" Israel so much threatened by all those "evil" Arabs.

Today, the secret masters of Israel want to establish a sort of very cheap Palestinian State (what Arafat would have never accepted and that`s why he had to die) -in fact a sort of "PAX ISRAELIA"-because they see an evergrowing resistance in the USA against the financing of Israel by the US taxpayers (times are getting financially difficult for the USA...) and they know that, without the US money in the future, Israel cannot finance the war with the Palestinians.

In a nutshell, the Soros/Rothschild sudden criticism of the Sharon policy is only bankster`s opportunism: they want to stop the war with the Palestinians because they don`t want to finance this war themselves. The plan is to give back the Palestinians the Gaza Strip and that`s why Soros tries to manipulate the Jewish diaspora in order to force Sharon to do something he is not really wanting to do.

Nevertheless, since Soros said what he said in november 2004, Sharon had agreed with this new plan and that`s why Soros/Rothschild do not accuse any more his policy to be responsible for the "antisemitism". All this in a nutshell, of course.
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Old 01-30-2005, 06:59 AM
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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

Concerning my above comment, see also this, on Henry`s website SAVETHEMALES at this moment (http://www.savethemales.ca/):


MIDDLE EAST.ORG - MER - Washington - 27 January: With no real Palestinian State any longer possible west of the Jordan, the U.S. and Israel have worked long and hard to get to the point where they could force a quisling Palestinian leadership of their choosing into a kind of convoluted submission while pretending it is an agreed settlement brought about by the 'Peace Process'. By assassinating Ahmed Yassin and Yassir Arafat in 2004, and then by manipulating the quick 'election' of Abu Mazen in 2005, Ariel Sharon in tandem with the Americans has set the stage for this further attempted historic deception and geopolitical triumph.

American Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice -- who received more negative confirmation votes in the Senate this week than any Secretary of State in history since 1825 -- is rushing to the region in a few days hoping to consolidate a quick deal before opposition can swell and the realities of the situation become more starkly understood.

Bottom line: Abu Mazen and the key Palestinian in the background, Nabil Shaath (the long-time PA 'Foreign Minister' operative working closely with the Israelis and the CIA), are poised to in effect accept the Sharon Plan for what will be called a 'Temporary State' with 'Provisional Boundaries' in about 25% of historic Palestine. Everywhere the Palestinian 'population centers', i.e. Bantustans and Reservations in reality, will be surrounded by the Israeli army which will continue to control all entry/exit and airspace of what is to be a permanently cripped and controlled 'Palestinian state'.

The plan is then to flood the Palestinian Bantustans with two things to give this new arrangement a chance to work -- monies largely from Europe and the World Bank to make daily life a little better (not hard to do in view of how bad things are) and guns supplied by Israel along with the U.S. and U.K. so P.A. forces will be able to enforce an end to the Palestinian Intifada and in effect become the Israeli police-force in the occupied territories (much harder to do and quite likely to erupt at some point into civil war).

It is an arrangement far worse than that rejected by the Palestinians when Yasser Arafat was alive; but the powers to be hope to get away with it by repeatedly declaring it is just a temporary State with just provisional borders and thus holding out hope for something more 'on good behavior'.

Meanwhile the actual 'on the ground' realities of the situation are quite bleak for the Palestinians as Israeli settlements in the major areas continue to expand, Jerusalem is being further disenfranchied of Arab people and property, the Apartheid Wall is being completed, and Palestinians everywhere have been turned more than ever into a modern-day kind of Indians on Reservations in what was once not that long ago their own country.
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Old 02-11-2005, 01:18 AM
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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

Hi John.

If ever there walked upon the Earth a NWO stooge it is George Soros.

Rothschilds right hand man.

He is talking of putting up millions to fund 'democracy' in the U.S.

He is coming out against Bush heavily but in fact has from the beginning.

He is an Arnie supporter.

I've always believed the plan was to get Bush being as incredibly destructive and Religiously unstable as possible. He must also instigate the police state structures which will be kept in place.

Then when everyones had enough in will swoop the secular, NWO, U.N loving pretend Left to save us all.

We'll welcome the fabian socialists with open arms.

And then that will really be our undoing.

At least with Bush running around so obviously insane we know we deal with trouble.

Malaysia's former Prime Minister Mahattir Mahummed said of Soros before kicking him out... [paraphrasing] "When billionair Jews come calling I start to worry".
[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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Old 02-13-2005, 12:19 AM
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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

We'll welcome the fabian socialists with open arms.
TB could it be that what you are calling communism in many of your posts you have hit the nail on the head with here.
I do indeed believe Fabian Socialism is alive and well in our post modern cultural values it sold by poltical parties in Australia like the Democrats and Greens the labor left and even sections of the Liberal party!.
Many of these parties have a fabian tendencies. However this is still a big leap from Marxism! Still dont forget many libertarian values are also compatible with fabian views like libertine morality and Hedonism!Libertarians are as much for libertine style morality as fabians!.
Dont forget post modern Hedonism is direct result of what B boomers got upto in the 1960s screwing and tripping around.Now we are all reaping these degenerate tendencies :-?
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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