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Old 11-13-2009, 09:58 PM
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Default What is the government hiding in the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington Natl. Cemetary

Hello. I am writing this post because a very interesting topic came up on the weekly radio that we do each week called Enlightening the Mind. Wednesdayís show was about Veterans Day and the observance of this day. The host was playing an audio in which the former Vice President of the United States was at Arlington National Cemetery to give thanks to the Veterans that had died. Ok, big deal you may say. What was interesting is how it was brought out that the vice president gave a special mention of the O-Guard who guard and watch over the Tomb of the Unknowns. That sparked up a very interesting debate in which I would like to pose to you all on this forum to get your opinion and response. First, why is it called the Tomb of the Unknown? With all of the technological advances we have today, one would think they would be able to identify the remains of the soldiers that were supposed to be unknown. I mean if they can dig up a bone of an animal that has been extinct for millions of years and tell you the color, size, shape what the animal ate, how it walked etc. Or about the many stories we have heard about a mummy being discovered and within weeks or months they have confirmed the identity through DNA analysis. (follow this link to read about one Pharaoh DNA Analysis: Preliminary Results Support Positive Identification Of Egyptian Queen) One would think that the bones or remains of a soldier or a person who has only been dead for less then a hundred years would be able to be identified. And if they canít then I wonder what all this forensic evidence and science is for? Also, I did some research into exactly what the O- Guard have to do when they guard the tomb and what the tedious job entails. I have listed a few of the things they have to do and observe to even have this jobÖ

They must commit 2 years of life to guard the tomb, live in a barracks under the tomb, and cannot drink any alcohol on or off duty FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. They cannot swear in public FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES and cannot disgrace the uniform or the tomb in any way.
After TWO YEARS, the guard is given a wreath pin that is worn on their lapel signifying they served as guard of the tomb. There are only 400 presently worn. The guard must obey these rules for the rest of their lives or give up the wreath pin.

The shoes are specially made with very thick soles to keep the heat and cold from their feet. There are metal heel plates that extend to the top of the shoe in order to make the loud click as they come to a halt. There are no wrinkles, folds or lint on the uniform. Guards dress for duty in front of a full-length mirror.
The first SIX MONTHS of duty a guard cannot talk to anyone, nor watch TV. All off duty time is spent studying the 175 notable people laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. A guard must memorize who they are and where they are interred. Among the notables are: President Taft, Joe E. Lewis {the boxer} and Medal of Honor winner Audie Murphy, {the most decorated soldier of WWII} of Hollywood fame. Every guard spends FIVE HOURS A DAY getting his uniforms ready for guard duty.

The Sentinels Creed:
My dedication to this sacred duty is total and wholehearted. In the responsibility bestowed on me never will I falter. And with dignity and perseverance my standard will remain perfection. Through the years of diligence and praise and the discomfort of the elements, I will walk my tour in humble reverence to the best of my ability. It is he who commands the respect I protect. His bravery that made us so proud. Surrounded by well meaning crowds by day alone in the thoughtful peace of night, this soldier will in honored glory rest under my eternal vigilance.
You can read the whole article here TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER (Interesting Facts)

If you notice they have to do a lot of rituals. Now, donít get me wrong I mean no disrespect to the men and women who sacrifice their lives for us when they go to war but do you honestly believe any one person would go to such lengths to stand guard for someone they didnít know? If they were to find out the unknown was a private first class would they still do the same thing? Does any one person, especially someone who is unknown, deserve all this attention? Címon, there have been hundreds of thousands of soldiers that have died during wars in this county but only the unknown get such treatment? Do the other service men and women who have died mean nothing? Back in the early 1900ís when people would take their families to have picnics near the tomb, soldiers would go as far as stepping to a child that got too close. And still to this day, if you even think about crossing the railing the soldiers are ready to defend. A spectator loses a baby bottle or childís toy past the railing and simply tries to retrieve it (see video below).

Why donít they do this for the rest of the soldiers who are buried here as well? The rest of the soldiers are known and probably have numerous badges of honor to speak of but yet they donít deserve this kind of treatment? And lastly, it has been said that at one point a hurricane was moving in and the guards were temporarily relieved of their duty until the storm passed; however, the guards refused to abandon their post.

The Regimental Commander of the U.S. Third Infantry sent word to the nighttime Sentry Detail to secure the post and seek shelter from the high winds, to ensure their personal safety.
During winds that turned over vehicles and turned debris into projectiles, the measured step continued. One fellow said "I've got buddies getting shot at in Iraq who would kick my butt if word got to them that we let them down. I sure as hell have no intention of spending my Army career being known as the damned idiot who couldn't stand a little light breeze and shirked his duty." Then he said something in response to a female reporters question regarding silly purposeless personal risk... "I wouldn't expect you to understand. It's an enlisted man's thing." God bless the rascal... In a time in our nation's history when spin and total b.s. seem to have become the accepted coin-of-the-realm, there beat hearts - the enlisted hearts we all knew and were so damn proud to be a part of - that fully understand that devotion to duty is not a part-time occupation. While we slept, we were represented by some damn fine men who fully understood their post orders and proudly went about their assigned responsibilities unseen, unrecognized and in the finest tradition of the American Enlisted Man. Folks, there's hope. The spirit that George S. Patton, Arliegh Burke and Jimmy Doolittle left us ... survives.
On the ABC evening news, it was reported recently that, because of the dangers from Hurricane Isabel approaching Washington, DC, the military members assigned the duty of guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were given permission to suspend the assignment. They refused. "No way, Sir!"
Soaked to the skin, marching in the pelting rain of a tropical storm, they said that guarding the Tomb was not just an assignment; it was the highest honor that can be afforded to a service person. The tomb has been patrolled continuously, 24/7, since 1930.

Now with all they have to go through and do to become a guard one might pose the question ďAre they really guarding what they say they are guarding or is there a hidden secret?Ē Could the unknown be Jesus Christ?! Do your research; the body did come from France. Is this just coincidence? Think about itÖthe men/women who are chosen are said to not be able to swear or drink for the rest of their lives after taking the post. I will tell you this, if it is not him or something very important like say the ARK of the Covenant, then I would be interested in knowing what is inside that marble tomb. I tell you this, I am certain it isnít a soldier who they say they canít identify; not with all the technology. They know who they send off to war and they know who comes home. They can tell you who has been a casualty of war when the body does not come home but they canít tell you who it is or might possibly be when they do have the body? Knowing the history of the government, how they operate and the secrets they hold leads me to believe this is another one of those things they have used to pull the wool over everyoneís eyes.

I would like for you to weigh the evidence for yourselves and give me your thoughts.

Again, I mean no disrespect to those who have fought and died for our country.


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