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Old 08-11-2010, 04:20 AM
reachless reachless is offline
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Default What they call us:

Terms used to describe:

Paranoid - one who thinks everyone is out to get 'em. Well, they are.
May not be what paranoid really means. More so seemingly
whether or not you act paranoid about it.

Schizophrenic - supposedly voices in your head, telling you things. Are they
really voices or just loosely known as voices?

Megalomanian - aspirations of grandeur of the way out there kind.
For lack of how else to say it - god-like way about things.

Roughly the above are used to refer to certain people. True to form or not.

Seemingly not true to form compliments of people labeled so do not induce it
in themselves of their own doing.

In other words, anyone perceived to be so, is induced to be so by who knows
what, outside of them.

How is it done and by who or what?

I am one such individual that has been induced to be affected to be so.
Along the lines of the above words/definitiions can be applied to me.

It is unknown who or what is behind doing it other than powers that be
above and beyond the here and now.

The established outside world around acts innocent of it all but appears to be
in league with - who/what is doing it.

In my case I didn't succumb to going down the drain in the light of....
The ones you hear about in the news had a worse time with it.
Who is guilty and who is innocent? Is not self-induced somehow.
I have never saught outside medical assistance.
Did the ones you hear about have medications before and after? Unknown.
Supposedly afterwards for sure but is unknown about them prior to that.

Mostly what I am saying is that
these individuals don't induce it in themselves
it is induced in them - from without.

Going by my own first-hand experience.

There are other terms also used to call afflicted ones as they are seen to be.

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Old 08-11-2010, 11:56 PM
reachless reachless is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Default Re: What they call us:

Did some searching by Google to find out things to do with psychological

came to conclusion that pretty-well anyone and everyone probably got some
kind of mental problem in themselves.

Epidemic proportions no doubt.

Probably just the ones that can't handle it in themselves that are looking at
getting assistance from medical profession.

Questionable whether or not getting such help is advise-able.
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Old 08-13-2010, 07:29 AM
reachless reachless is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 29
Default Re: What they call us:

The world of now, seemingly does not look favourably upon anyone that has,
who knows what, going on with them between their ears. Mainly from the
established world around. People in the face of one another are a bit more lax
and poke-ing to the awareness of such things.

These occurences have been known of from way back in history, early B C's to
even nowadays still. Early philosophers heard of as having daemons and of
late seemingly channeling.

You look upon the people telling of these things with them and wonder....

Where is it actually coming from, nevermind how?

Apparently the world around is not entirely conscious awareness only.

These people do no induce these things in themselves.

Like I said: where does it come from and how? Is mostly unknown.
Seemingly, the established world of now, is different of.

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