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Old 09-28-2010, 05:14 AM
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Default NPS Shills for Big Pharma Vaccines

Source: National Park Service shills for Big Pharma - USWGO Alternative News

Author: Brian D. Hill

It has been discovered on September 26 2010 at both the Northwest New Mexico Visitor Center, and El Malpais information center that now the National Park Service (NPS) aka the Department of the Interior has been shilling for the H1N1 Vaccine scare by the World Health Foundation and also by Big Pharma.

Luckily I bring my camera bag almost everywhere I go so when nobody was in the restroom I took a quick shot to send to the Internet to let everybody know what the NPS is doing in response to the H1N1 Vaccine scare, they want you to get your H1N1 Vaccine shot.


Also according to a cropped image copied from another shot taken of the propaganda vaccine poster it says that the National Park Service now has a Office of Public Health. Now since when does the NPS and all government agencies need to have their own Health Department to make sure that everybody gets the inoculation to receive toxic chemicals, live viruses, cancer viruses, and even future health problems at the victims expense, that means that they have to pay for the damage to their own bodies they receive from the vaccination shot they were told they have to have for public safety.


Also this is a closeup again from the other shot not being shown on here because of the JPEG Compression makes it hard to read the photo.


The image states "Get the H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available" by the National Park Service Office of Public Health also by the Department of the interior.

When you see conservation government organizations which the whole goal was to protect the Nations most valuable monuments and most beautiful lands of nature, being owned by the UN aka United Nations or being used as a tool of mass indoctrination, mass murder, and eugenics, then it is no longer recognized as a conservation organization but another hammer given to Big Pharma to squash those that resist having more health problems which generates billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical industry.

People need to do plenty of research and ask opinions of many different doctors on whether the vaccine shot will actually help or hurt because what people don't know about the vaccines may hurt them. Vaccinations have been reported to having chemicals, cancer viruses, and other live viruses.

What the National Park Service has done is indoctrination and propaganda for Big Pharma because they are not asking people to do research and make a choice on whether vaccines are good or not, the poster says to just get it no matter happens to your body you must get it for the guise of protecting the Health of others.

Hitler told various lies just like Obama, and Bush about how serving under a youth corps, serving fascism, and abolishing the Constitution is a good thing for the security and safety of the German people. Safety, having good health, saving the environment, and even Security are being used to indoctrinate the whole Nation into fear and slavery.

Also now why would New Mexico National Parks be the only area to have vaccine propaganda and H1N1 fear mongering?

Well take a look at who is friends with the globalist created marketing puppet.


The New Mexico Governor that's in charge of New Mexicos state affairs is best friends and even endorces Obama according to the Guardian. These people don't care about your health they just want to pose for the camera and then work with their globalist masters for their next orders and then they will both be rewarded with being able to lead us all into a Eugenic New World Order where the science of Tyranny is law, where populations have to be reduced from the billions to five-hundred million, and where all of human activity is monitored by super computers where no activity is private.

The globalists want Obama to lead us into scientific tyranny with a little fascism on then side. For those who won't be sacrificed for the agenda of World Governance, will become slaves that will comply to every wish and order provided by the worlds top elite.

The National Park Service needs to remember that they are not suppose to indoctrinate people to vaccine, and that they are suppose to be protecting National Landmarks as their job is intended by the tax payers. Now they only shill for the agenda creators and that instead of getting rid of chronic illnesses and diseases, we will have even more health problems that will put us under dozens of more prescription medications till the day we die.

I hope American Patriots and truthers will stand up against the NPS Propaganda and that it is not just a waste of tax payers dollars but also makes the National Park Service another indoctrination center for the World Health Organization, Big Pharma, and the New World Order.
Looks like even conservation organizations that built National Parks are now official Big Pharma indoctrination centers. The pictures prove it!

I also put out the vaccine propaganda garbage on youtube for people to see with their own eyes that now the NPS whores for the Rockefellers Big Pharma.

Future the elites will bring:

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