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Old 10-09-2010, 05:01 AM
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Default Former Norad worker Stanley Fulham said aliens to reveal themselves Oct. 13

Former Norad worker Stanley Fulham said aliens to reveal themselves Oct. 13

Former Norad worker Stanley A. Fulham said that aliens are to reveal themselves in the skies on October 13, 2010. Some may have doubted his claims but there have been recent sightings during the week of, October 5-9, in Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou and Baotou of Inner Mongolia.

His first encounter with UFOs was during his military service in his youth as a fighter pilot. During his service he said that his fellow soldier and he saw a, “red flashing rocket,” in the sky. The object was not a rocket but a UFO. After his service in the military he worked at NORAD as a radar flight control operator, helping guide jet pilots toward enemy bombers. At his work in NORAD he also saw strange UFOs.

After he left the Norad he still had questions in the phenomena he saw when he worked for the government. Having his questions still unanswerable, by chance he met a channeler, who helped him communicate with beings called, “transcenders.” It was through these beings and the channeler that he received his important information that he is trying to get through to humanity.

He said that the earth and the human population are in deep trouble because of earth changes (earthquakes and tsunamis), environmental pollution, international terrorism, and the financial crisis. Of these he said that the environmental pollution caused by CO2 is the most dangerous to humans because the pollution increases at a rate of 1% annually and that humans cannot live beyond a CO2 pollution percentage of 22%, that would leave us 22 years before we are in dire straits.

He said that the aliens are going to eventually intervene to stop the environmental catastrophe. He has written a book called, Challenges of Change, which he said his being read by Russian officials. We will also see what happens on October 13th, but the china ufo of recent has taken many people’s interest.


Part 1 of Stanley Fulham’s interview

Part 2 of Stanley Fulham’s interview

Stanley A Fulham’s website
Challenges of Change

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