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Old 07-05-2012, 04:57 AM
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Smile Why We Should Accept Reincarnation


When we accept the idea of reincarnation, we begin to understand that there is a reason for all that happens in life. It is not by chance that we are born into a particular country and into such-and-such a family, that we possess certain qualities and have varying situations to cope with. Everything has its cause, more or less remote, in a previous existence. Of course, this knowledge will influence our reactions, because when we understand that everything has a reason, we stop revolting against trials and setbacks. We know that these tests are the result of laws broken in previous incarnations, and we accept them, without accusing someone else of being the cause of our unhappiness.
Finally, belief in reincarnation stimulates people to reinforce their will-power. They set to work to repair their past errors and also to avoid reprehensible acts, which they know will lead to suffering. They work hard to create a future filled with light. (JANUARY 17, 1998)

We have to cultivate both aspects of our being, the internal and the external: the external aspect for society, and the internal aspect for ourselves. We have to live our inner life for ourselves while bearing in mind that it will grow and spread until it reaches to every corner of the world and touches every creature in heaven and on earth. The scope of our external activity is very limited, but that of our internal activity is vast. Our physical acts touch only a few people whereas our feelings, and above all our thoughts, can touch all creatures. The mind is far more powerful and embraces infinitely more things than the will; its possibilities are also far subtler and more varied. By means of our thoughts we can do whatever we want, even travel through space; whereas the will operates on the physical plane and is therefore severely limited by the resistance of matter. One day when we have lived through innumerable reincarnations and done a great deal of psychic work, the activity of our will will follow immediately on that of our mind.
(JANUARY 24, 1995)

From both an educational and a psychological point of view it is unwise to tell people about their previous incarnations. The time will come, of course, when each of us must look at this question for the sake of our own evolution, but not before we have first acquired a certain degree of self mastery. Imagine being told that someone around you or even in your family has been your worst enemy in the past, that they persecuted you or massacred you. How would you react? If in this life we encounter certain people or belong to a certain family, it is because we have matters to sort out with these people or with members of that family. And what about those people who are told that they we powerful or famous in the past? Will they be sensible enough to avoid becoming excessively pretentious? If you are weak, if you lack self control, what will this lead to? Certain revelations are dangerous, because they risk troubling people or awakening desires for vengeance or ambitions that will hinder their evolution.
If it were so important to know our reincarnations, why does providence hide them from us? For one good reason: it anticipates the future and wishes us to stay in this state of ignorance so we may better rectify our past mistakes. (JANUARY 27, 2000)

Belief in reincarnation is one of the corner stones of morality. As long as human beings are unaware of the law of cause and effect, which carries over from one life to the next, no amount of sermonizing will ever do much good. Too many people still believe that they will burn in hell for all eternity because of their sins! Of course, one often meets people who do not believe in reincarnation and who are naturally honest and good. The only trouble is that one can never be absolutely sure that this state of affairs will last. In certain circumstances such things as fear, covetousness or a desire for revenge can get the better of them and then there is no holding them back: they will no longer be either good or honest! This is because their morality was not built on a firm foundation, a knowledge of the law of cause and effect which is operative from
one incarnation to the next. (APRIL 20, 1995)

Whatever work providence or fate has given you, you must make the effort to accomplish it in the best way possible. If you refuse to do it, or if you show negligence pretexting that you do not think you deserve this work, your are retarding your evolution, and later you will be obliged to come back to correct and repair the situation. When this happens, you will notice how difficult it is to redo work you thought was finished.
If we are on earth, suffering and struggling in the midst of difficulties, it is precisely because we must finish or start over some work... Heaven has sent us back to repair our mistakes and carry on with our education. That is the meaning of our successive reincarnations. If we refuse to understand these lessons, we will be sent back to earth, and it will be harder and harder to correct our faults. (MAY 22, 2001)

At the source of a river in the mountains, the water springs forth pure and crystal clear. As it descends, it collects dirt and wastes from the regions it crosses, and when it reaches the ocean, it is saturated with impurities. But soon, warmed by the sun’s rays, it is transformed into steam and takes up its journey into the sky, until one day it falls again in the form of rain or snow.
We can interpret this voyage of water symbolically. Human destiny resembles the perpetual movements of water between heaven and earth. Like drops of water, souls descend to earth, each in a predetermined location. From there they have an entire road to travel until, tired and worn from life’s labours, they return to their starting point... only to descend again, one day, in another place. This is called reincarnation. (JUNE 1, 2005)

When people talk about the devil, they do not know exactly to what cosmic or psychic reality this word corresponds. The devil does not exist as an individual entity opposed to God and on an equal footing with him. Those people who claim that the devil appeared to them have only imagined it. Spirits of light exist and so do spirits of darkness, and it is this group of evil spirits that we call the devil. The devil does not exist as an entity separate from and opposed to God, but as a collective force that is nourished and reinforced by people’s negative thoughts, feelings and actions.
And we can also say that the devil is part of man himself, of his lower self. How was it formed? During his reincarnations man has continuously fed his lower self with his weaknesses and vices, thus blocking the path to Heaven. However there exists also in man a luminous entity, his higher self that has been formed with his thoughts, feelings and actions inspired by kindness, generosity, love and sacrifice. So, if people tried hard to restore order to their inner life, the devil would disappear. (JULY 23, 2001)

Human beings are imperfect, and it should not surprise them when these imperfections complicate their relationships. When men and women meet and marry, misunderstandings often begin right away. It is inevitable. But instead of separating immediately, it is best if they try first of all to surmount their problems, saying to themselves: 'There must be a reason why fate brought us together, since chance doesn't exist. I must therefore work hard to accept him (or her) for this incarnation, in order to learn and to improve myself.' There are cases in which it is better to leave a person with whom you do not get along, but not before making every effort to save the situation, all the while conducting yourself with patience and generosity. Otherwise divine justice will confront you once again with the same problems. Whether it is in this incarnation or in the next, you will not escape. Human beings are not in the habit of reasoning in this way, because they have not been instructed about reincarnation and the law of cause and effect. Well, they must take great care to inform themselves, and their lives will then take on meaning.
(JULY 25, 2003)

By rejecting the concept of reincarnation and by refusing to teach it, Christianity is preventing people from understanding divine justice and the way in which it manifests itself. It comes as no surprise therefore, that everything consequently seems senseless. When you do not see the true reason for situations or events, they become incomprehensible and you end up seeing injustice everywhere. Faced with suffering and unhappiness Christians say: ‘It is God’s will.’ They themselves – unbelievably – have done nothing to cause this suffering; they are not responsible for anything. Only God is responsible. God does as He pleases and what pleases Him is not based on justice.
All Christianity has achieved by rejecting the concept of reincarnation is to make the human spirit lose its way. Whereas with reincarnation everything becomes clear. Reincarnation explains how the law of cause and consequence manifests itself from one incarnation to another. It is no longer the Lord who dishes out good things and bad things in such a way that nobody can ever understand the reason. People become the creators of their own destiny. The greatness, the splendor, the perfection and, especially, the justice of God are thus maintained.
(AUGUST 4, 2000)

The true evolution of man occurs on earth, not anywhere else. Someone who, because of their crimes, is condemned to suffer a long time in the regions of the astral plane after their death must subsequently return to earth to make good the wrong they have done. It is not enough to suffer, because suffering is no reparation for all the mistakes we have made. We made these mistakes on earth and we therefore have to return to earth to make amends. There is no other explanation for reincarnation. If we had already atoned for our errors up above, why should we have to come back to earth? There is a fact, a law which dictates that human beings must put right their mistakes in all the regions of the universe where these mistakes caused harm.
(AUGUST 16, 2002)

Education is obviously very useful, because it gives you a job, prestige, authority and money. But you can accumulate as much knowledge in mathematics, history or medicine as you like, it will never transform you and so if you are timid, sensual, quick-tempered or selfish you will remain timid, sensual, quick-tempered or selfish.
No university will teach you about the laws that govern the moral world, about the Great Beyond, the afterlife and reincarnation. So even if you are a walking encyclopedia, you will not have the hope, the conviction or the strength of will that will allow you to transform yourself, because you know nothing about these fundamental subjects. Whereas if you are taught that moral laws of nature, that souls continue to live in the other world and how they then reincarnate, you will not be able to remain the same in the face of these revelations. You inevitably become more mindful of your outer and inner behavior. (OCTOBER 2, 2002)

It is sometimes dangerous to inherit wealth from a relation: It can lead to very unpleasant results. If the person you inherit from led a dishonest, sinful life you would do better to refuse the inheritance, otherwise he will insist on reincarnating in your family, perhaps as one of your children. He will say, ‘It was I who gave you land, houses, money or furniture, so I have the right to claim a home with you now!’ And you will find yourself with a child who becomes a criminal, and you will never understand why. It is because he is the reincarnation of that grandfather, uncle or cousin who was a bandit, a thief and a murderer, and whose inheritance you accepted with such a delight! So it is preferable not to accept an inheritance from someone who has not walked the straight path of truth. But you can accept whatever good man leaves you; in fact it is a benediction for a family to inherit something from a good person. (OCTOBER 27, 1987)

It is on this earth that man’s evolution takes place; not elsewhere. Even someone who has had to suffer in Hell for a long time because of his crimes, is obliged to come back to earth to repair all the evil he has done. For it is not enough to suffer; suffering does not make up for evil deeds. Since those evil deeds were committed on earth, reparation has to be made on earth. And isn’t this the real reason for reincarnation? Otherwise, why should men return to earth if they had already atoned for their faults on the astral plane? The truth is that there is a law which decrees that man must make reparation for his errors in every region in which those errors have done damage. (OCTOBER 29, 1987)

A spirit, a soul, is linked to a body for one lifetime. At the time of death they separate from the body and, later, in a subsequent reincarnation another union is made. The human ego is neither man nor woman: it is by incarnating on earth that it becomes one or the other, depending on whether it is polarized positively or negatively. If it is polarized positively it generally incarnates in a feminine form in order to have both principles and, inversely, if it is polarized negatively, it takes on the body of a man. And you ask: 'What determines this polarization of the human ego?' Well, it all depends on the degree of evolution of each individual ego and the work it has to do to reach perfection.
Our incarnation on earth is already in some way a form of marriage. We could therefore say that the first marriage a human being enters into is that of his ego with his physical body, and that marriage demands absolute fidelity. (NOVEMBER 26, 1999)

It is very difficult for human beings in general and spiritual persons in particular to have an objective opinion of themselves. Some, frightened by the immensity of initiatic science, by the distance separating them from their goal, feel miserable, whilst in fact they are very evolved, they have made sound progress along the road of their inner development. This is really not very good for them. Others on the other hand, who are completely stupid and short-sighted, believe themselves to be the great initiates, geniuses, even divinities. But since nothing in their lives justifies this good opinion they have of themselves, they go and consult a so-called medium or clairvoyant who tells them all kinds of fantastic stories about their reincarnations – because after all it is in their own interest to cheat people otherwise they would attract no clients. Indeed they are fantastic stories, full of celebrities and glorious history and saints and prophets. But what good does it do them, if every day reality proves to them that they are nothing at all? One of the greatest hindrances to evolution is to delude yourself about your past incarnations. If you really want to progress, evolve, do not waste your time with clairvoyants, but study and work so that you may come to know yourself. No-one can truly evolve if they have assessed themselves correctly. (DECEMBER 3, 2000)

So many disciples do not know what they should be doing when they have a master. Because of the books they have read or the stories they have been told, they set about looking for a master. And once they think they have found one, they start asking themselves irrelevant questions: ‘Is my master the reincarnation of Jesus, of St. John, of Buddha? Is he Melchizedek?’ Well, this is all waste of time and it would be far better if a disciple thought about what be most useful for their master and for themselves. And the most useful thing they can do is to learn to work with love and light. And a disciple should not ask themselves whether their master is greater or less great than any other either. This is not what will make them evolve. What will help their evolution
is their work and their faithfulness to their master. (DECEMBER 13, 2002)

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