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Old 02-17-2005, 01:13 PM
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Default Sirhan and the RFK Assassination - Part I: The Grand Illusion

<h3 align="center"><a href="http://tinyurl.com/42adx">Sirhan and the RFK Assassination<br>
Part I: The Grand Illusion</a></h3>
<font FACE="ZapfHumnst BT" SIZE="2"><b>


<p><font FACE="ZapfHumnst BT" SIZE="2"><b>By Lisa Pease</b></font></p>

<p>This is the first of a two-part series dealing with <a href="pr398-cbs.html">Sirhan
Sirhan’s current efforts to win an evidentiary hearing</a> before the California
State Supreme Court, and the evidence upon which that request is based. This part will
focus on the evidence in the case, particularly as it relates to the gun, the bullets, and
a little-known item referred to as Special Exhibit 10. The second part will deal with the
question that must logically follow: <a href="pr598-rfk.html">If Sirhan didn’t kill
Kennedy, then who did?</a> </i></p>

<blockquote class="bord">
<i><p>"If he isn’t guilty, it’s the sweetest frame in the world." </i>–
Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Howard, 1975 </p>

<h4>The Grand Illusion</h4>

<p>Have you ever seen a master magician? Have you found yourself gasping in amazement
asking half-aloud, "How did he <i>do</i> that?" You see a man step into a box on
a hollow platform that’s immediately hoisted into the air. Within seconds, the man
you saw get into a box that still hangs in front of you appears from behind you in the
audience, walking down the aisle. Your eyes have convinced you this is not possible,
because you <i>saw</i> the man get into the box. Yet there he is, the impossible made
real. Such a trick is called a grand illusion, designed to confuse and deceive. Most enjoy
being deceived in this manner; few want to puzzle the evidence through logically to the
only possible conclusion of how such a trick has to be done. After all, the man cannot
both be in the box and on the ground at the same time!</p>

<p>The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is also a carefully constructed illusion,
designed to confuse and obfuscate. Imagine what the eyewitnesses in the crowded pantry
saw. Robert Kennedy had obviously been shot, and Sirhan was firing a weapon. Sirhan <i>must</i>
have killed Kennedy. And yet, <i>the physical evidence</i> <i>does not support this
conclusion.</i> Sirhan cannot have killed Kennedy any more than the magician could be both
in the box and in the audience. It is not physically possible. And just as only another
magician or an extremely perceptive observer can tell you the truth behind the box
illusion, only the conspirators themselves or perceptive observers can throw light on the
events of June 5, 1968. </p>

<p>The quantity of people who have seriously investigated the RFK assassination is
surprisingly small, given the large number of people who have at some point or another
devoted time and energy to learning the facts surrounding the assassination of
Bobby’s older brother John. But what this small, dedicated group of citizens has
uncovered is astonishing. The evidence they have uncovered deserves to be dealt with
honestly in a court of law. In fact, a writ has been filed on Sirhan’s behalf and is
before the California Supreme Court at the time of this writing. Sirhan’s family and
legal representatives are asking the court to hold an evidentiary hearing, based on newly
discovered evidence. </p>

<p>As this article will show, justice in this case has yet to be served. This author is
aware that an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence. Tireless researchers
such as Bill Turner, Jon Christian, Greg Stone, Philip Melanson, Ted Charach, Rose Lynn
Mangan and Sirhan’s own family have discovered much over the intervening years.
Mangan in particular has come up with evidence that should properly cause any court to
doubt the legitimacy of the case against Sirhan. This article owes much to her guidance
through the snaking paths of contradictory evidence, and her assistance has been both
generous and exacting.</p>

<p>In the case of Watergate, Deep Throat advised Bob Woodward to "follow the
money." If Deep Throat had anything to say about this case, it would be "follow
the bullets." Nothing is more important in a murder conviction than establishing that
a certain person, by means of a certain gun and certain bullets, caused the death of
another. The chain of evidence is critical in any such case. As will be shown, the chain
of evidence here resembles not a chain at all, but a patchwork quilt made from squares of
dubious origin. Hitler once wrote that the bigger the lie, the more likely people are to
believe it, since few people can imagine telling so gross a lie. It is perhaps the size
and nature of the lies in this case that have made the fictitious version of the event
seem more plausible than the real one.</p>

<p>There is no quick way to tell the incredible story of this case. It defies abbreviated
summation. Those who wish to learn the truth must first find within themselves the
requisite patience and interest necessary to discover it.</p>

<h4>June 5, 1968</h4>

<p>Not long after midnight, on the morning of June 5, 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy
finished up his victory speech at the historic Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard in
Los Angeles. He had just won the California primary in his effort to secure the Democratic
nomination to be that party’s presidential candidate in November. As Kennedy was
about to leave the stage, a fateful event occurred. LA Rams tackle Roosevelt Grier, who
had been working with Kennedy’s California campaign, would tell the LAPD:</p>

<p>Well, first of all, we were up on the stage, and they said they was going off to the
right of the stage, and at the last minute ... Bill Barry decided to change and go a
different direction because people had found out which way the senator was going to go,
and we had to go downstairs to another ballroom where people were waiting. This was a
press gathering here, and so Bill Barry and someone else took the senator down and I was
lifting Mrs. Kennedy down from the stairs and we started walking....<a href="#1.">1</a> </p>

<p>As Kennedy left the podium, he walked down a ramp and entered a pair of swinging doors,
heading east. Between the stage and the press area was the kitchen pantry, where food for
guests at the Ambassador was prepared. </p>

<p>Maître d’ Karl Uecker gripped Kennedy’s right wrist with his left hand. Ace
Guard Service employee Thane Eugene Cesar joined Kennedy as he went through the double
doors into the pantry, touching his right elbow. Bill Barry, an ex-FBI man who was
ostensibly serving as Kennedy’s bodyguard had fallen behind Kennedy as he entered the

<p>More here: <a href="http://tinyurl.com/42adx">http://tinyurl.com/42adx</a></p>


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