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Old 12-15-2004, 10:32 PM
freeman freeman is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
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Default Feminism and pornography

Yes, that's right -- feminism and pornography. Two words that don't seem like they should ever go together, and yet there is an unmistakably strong bond between the two concepts.
Consider, for instance, this come-on for a new feminist, lesbian-friendly magazine that found its way to my email box today via one of the Yahoo Groups that I frequent:

Altar Magazine Issue #4 will feature an interview with Elisabeth
Eaves, author of Bare: The Naked Truth about Stripping, and Growing,
the new Kranky sensation. Articles on all of our old favorites -
Iraq, Palestine, gay marriage, vegetarian recipes - and favorites
yet to be determined: a trip to Mexico uncovers much more than
you'll find in the guide books, a mother's fight to save her
daughter's life, why we all love America (heh!) and an open letter
to a stranger about a common lover.

There is an excellent post on Dr. Makow's savethemales site this week from a young man named Stephen re this very phenomenon, and here is yet another example of it. I quote from it:

The irony is that misogynistic porn strengthens the feminists case of exploitation, yet it is feminism which is creating the conditions and market for it with the most damaged and vulnerable woman taking the brunt of the backlash.
Indeed, it seems difficult to reconcile the notion of the feminist ideal of "protecting women" from abuse on one hand (by men, of course), and then condoning the most exploitive, degrading forms of pornography on the other. Hence we find the same magazines that extoll the feminist agenda also find time to revere authors who write books about stripping for fun and profit.
Nor is this an isolated occurrence by any means. Recent issues of Ms. have included segments on whipping and sexual bondage.
Of course, a quick perusal of the reviews for Ms. Eaves" book goes a long way toward resolving this ostensible dilemma:

Peep show dancing was a revelation; it gave her control, as it was her body that had the power to give men the sexual release they desperately craved. While this sexual power was "exhilarating," it left Eaves somewhat "disappointed," confirming some of her low expectations of men.
(from Amazon.com)

I have to agree with Dr. Makow. It all looks to me like a vicious, no-win cycle for women who are only taught to respect themselves by hating men. Their heterosexuality is twisted so that it can only be expressed in a manner that renders them as dysfunctional victims.
This is not the feminism of equality. It is the femnism of gender alienation. I cannot believe that this lifestyle will make any woman more happy or fulfilled.

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Old 12-15-2004, 10:56 PM
nohope187 nohope187 is offline
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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

Most women who're strippers or porn stars usually fill the void in their lives with drug addiction and/or sex addiction. I do'nt think most ever find meaningful relationships with that kind of lifestyle.
So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I\'ve had enough of the world and it\'s people\'s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me, I\'ll never be the same. -Brandon Boyd
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Old 12-16-2004, 01:20 AM
thokhanCep thokhanCep is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

Hey freeman good call on that piece.
Have you heard of the CIA mind control MKultra ordeal that uses mind control on girls/ladies who usually end up in pornography. They have the "slides" and are used as sex slaves and or black mail devices. It's pretty sad.
One strange thing I noticed about pornography and prostitution is ... a video camera and oral or written consent!!!!
For real though both are the same .. sex for money ( unless you are the mind slave ) one goes to jail for doing her tricks ... the other gets a contract and is considered some what normal???
Strange doublethink at every turn!!

here is a related link:
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Old 12-16-2004, 10:13 AM
marypopinz marypopinz is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 710
Default Re: Feminism and pornography

You hit the ugly button right on the head.

Abused children confuse sex with love. Hell, they are taught to confuse sex with everything. It's all about sex.

I ask any real man out there, would you want to see your sister or your daughter or your mum shakin' her fandango? Why is it O.K. as long as it is some else's child?

I ask any real woman out there, what is glamorous about a male, usually in some form of intoxicated state, drooling over your body, like you are a piece of meat and he is real hungry?

Money, is it worth your self esteem and how you view yourself? Men pay strippers to oggle their bodies and grope them if they can.

Would the behaviour that goes on in a stripper club be acceptable in public? Why behind closed doors? The cocaine that takes back the strippers "earnings" is always on sight. The prostitution that goes on in the private rooms?

Great life for any girl to live, a gateway to pornography and the drug world - stripping.

Wrong is wrong is wrong is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will someone please define feminine for me?
How the hell did we achieve feminism as a derivative??

Mary XXX
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Old 12-29-2004, 09:00 AM
Ana Ana is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 30
Default Re: Feminism and pornography

The sex industry and its promotion into mainstream is very damaging indeed, it gives a false image of life and especially women. As Henry says, women have an overriding need to love and be loved and anything less will not bring lasting fulfilment. The constant bombardment of sexual innuendo and soft porn in everyday TV shows and films let alone full on porn is nothing less than psychological assault. I can actually feel it physically when I'm visually assaulted; it feels like someone is grabbing yet another handful of my flesh/heart never to be returned or recovered. Can anyone else relate to that?

The thing is, us women don't need to be strippers to have men ogle us in a disrespectful manner. Men see sexualised material all the time in the general media; newspapers, magazines, billboards, TV programmes and of course the Internet. They see images and situations where women are portrayed as sexual objects who want and prefer sex with no strings attached, it's a form of brainwashing and it's worked, men believe the rubbish they read/watch and display their lust openly by ogling us 'normal' women on the street, in the workplace, even in the bloody supermarket! Funnily enough, the ones in the supermarkets usually have small children with them; it makes me want to puke. The men have become feminists too and are loving it as they can now get sexual fulfilment without giving anything back. I remember a few years ago men didn't want to marry you just go out with you or live together, now they don't even want that they just want to sleep with you! Feminism is to blame ggggrrrrrr I detest feminism and everything it stands for. All around me I hear women saying isn't it great that they can sleep with who ever they want and work (consume) until they drop serving some corporate pig.

There is a new reality show being filmed this year in England involving mothers and daughters competing for the same men, pitting mothers against daughters in this sexual way is morally corrupt and the incestuous undertones leave me cold. No doubt, some stupid, stupid mothers out there will watch this rubbish then encourage their daughters to go out 'on the pull' together. We'll be having paedophile reality shows next!

But then we need pornography and feminism to make us feel inadequate and dysfunctional, so dysfunctional that most would fight to the death to defend it :-(
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Old 12-29-2004, 10:35 AM
Ana Ana is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 30
Default Re: Feminism and pornography

Marypoppinz what are Canadian men like generally? Are they friendly towards the feminist cause? I read that Canada is crippled by political correctness just like we are in the UK and wonder if you as a woman share the same problems as us lot over here. Ooops I forgot you've lived here too! Duh! Tell me, are there any differences between British and Canadian men and society in general? Or as I suspect, we in in the west are probably pretty much the same in views and outlooks.
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Old 01-21-2005, 07:15 AM
Draken Draken is offline
Senior Member
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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

I was nearly late for work, reading this thread! Great points, Ana.

Having lived in London most of the 90s I totally agree with your view. See, I KNEW there were women like you out there, only there was probably a very slim chance of meeting one in the pub. ;-)

Looking at myself, I hardly ever went to the pub to "meet someone". I realised quite quickly that people don't go to the pub to find an intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, strong, questioning, independent (from media, that is) partner to start a long serious relationship with, that hopefully ends up in a marriage.

So, I thought if I don't go to the pub to "meet someone special" then probably "they" don't go to the pub to meet someone like me EITHER.

So I stopped looking for potential girlfriends in the pub.

But then I started to wonder where this illusion comes from. There's a simple answer to that: media. It was in London that I discovered the glossy magazines - "lifestyle" magazines - like Arena, FHM and such.

Nowhere have I seen people swallow this bate - hook, line&sinker - so totally than in London. London is the largest city that I lived in so far.

So here's my take on what's going on.

You cut the spiritual bond between man and woman.

Then you cut the spiritual bond between parent and child.

Then you cut the bond between old and young.

Cut everyone off from their Tradition and heritage and history. Make them forget where they come from.

(The Communists have done this everywhere; in Hungary they have promoted the theory that Hungarians and the Finns have a joined ancestry. Now the Truth is getting out that the Hungarians' history actually goes back to the Sumerians - the Hungarian language has more in common with ancient Sumerian than with the Finn-Ugric language group!)

Then you shove everyone into the pub to consume as much as they can, while they're searching for that "special one"; a "father/mother figure", "I've-always-wanted-a-daugther", "I-want-to-call-you-daddy"...

A Swedish journalist has written a book called "The Infantile Society", in which his basic point is that grown-ups behave like teenagers and kids behave like grown-ups.

One of the most Evil goals of the Satanic NWO is to sexualise children; to ruin their innocence.

The message in the glossy magazines is "It's boring to be grown-up, responsible; much more fun to be young; to do whatever gets in your head; follow your impulses; be OPEN to anything"; you have to be curious, try things" etc.

My personal favourite is "be open to anything".



Why should I be open to ANYTHING?

This is what invites negative, dark aspects of the human being, demonic aspects of the psyche to come up to the surface to be unleashed and let loose to run uncontrolably amok.

Like I said elsewhere; Man has a demonic side and a Divine side to her being. We have the potential to raise ourselves ABOVE ourselves. OR we can give in to the demonic forces which are within us. Our purpose in this existence is to refine our SOULS so that it can reunite with The Spirit.

"If Man doesn't strive Upward, She falls Downward."
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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Old 12-30-2004, 12:23 PM
lynns_shadow lynns_shadow is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 71
Default Re: Feminism and pornography

I agree with all you wrote, above, at the start of this thread, freeman.

As a woman, I find the reality and presence of porn, soft porn in advertising, and all the other stuff pushed through the Internet and the media, hurtful, upsetting and annoying, at best. I think it is one of the main things being used by these anti-family/anti-men/anti-women think-tanks to ruin men, ruin women and ruin the family.

I can't count how many times I have heard women call up on call-radio counseling, talking about their men who have strayed, coming on the line mentioning porn addiction as a thing that is part of their Husband's daily “diet”.

This is a brutalization of both men and women, by taking sex out of its God ordained context, between one man and one woman, for life, in the context of a permanent sacred union under God, this only being marriage.

This, marriage as God intended, the Feminists will rave on, is "anti-women" as an institution. They will use fear (fear of divorce, abandonment, other things), to keep the women in a perpetually semi-independent, semi-trusting, semi-attached state, never needing her Husband. Or they imply this as not “good”... to need “a man”. This is not to say the women should not have incomes, but my point is, looking at other women this way, mainly via pornography,
sets up a spiritual paradigm in the mind of the man. This is poison and simply a weakening of his flesh, making a hardening of his spirit, introducing callousness in his heart, and often, thus, a severing between him and his Wife or bride-to-be.

First, he is finding dissatisfaction with his Wife or Wife to be, or he probably will, if he is swayed by this stuff. The whole agenda is set to, and I mean this delicately, grab men's souls by their loins, so as to emasculate their power and their integrity, which are deeply linked. Shame the man, “neuter” his integrity, they feel you “neuter” his power. Some of his greatest power in his integrity, holiness (wholeness) and fidelity to God and his Wife.
“He who loves his Wife loves himself”Ephesians 5:28

Why do we think sports starts are very vigilant with their intimate lives before competition?

I think the same ones who made all this mess, Satan at its core no doubt in my mind, cannot STAND the very image of God made in man and woman and the procreative beauty that occurs in their faithful loving unity. This is the very Shekinah glory of God that happens when a man and woman become One flesh, under God, in holy matrimony.

This union of man and wife makes a picture, as the very image of God. It is the strength and healing and edification of the man and life for him. It is the healing, protection, love and provision for the woman and she needs this. I know as a woman, and a Christian woman who is not duped by so much Darwin talk, and even if I was, I do need this.

It is hard to put all these concepts out there and share my thoughts in a word. I feel very strongly on all this though and passionately, because I see how Satan is looking to use secular media: MTV, Television, magazine glosses and the Internet (porn) to catch young, and older men, hold them its snare, and make them feel bewildered, jaded, empty and valueless.

It is a whole scene and scenario, and the dynamic touches everything from abortion, to birth-control (I mean Nazi doctors looking to control women’s thoughts and ideas about procreation etc., their "rights". etc.etc.)

Their hand though is in the sticky-wicket of looking to remove the glory of the Creator from:

1. Man (hence how men see themselves, "animals"? apes? Not really. Women, valueless except for appearances? No, not truly..)

2. Male and female dynamics, roles and relationships.

3. Courtship, dating, and now, marriage, and all that that entails.

4. Love, sex and sexuality and fidelity.

5. The family and the family dynamic with in-laws and others but mainly how they are or are not with each other, themselves, their children if they have them.

Look to the Shekinah glory of God made manifest in the union of man and woman at marriage, this again, the very reproduction or a similar image of God, His image in every man and woman. And their unity His highest gift and sharing.

Now look and see who and what sought and seek to devalue this and these, and you have your answers, which I think you already know.

These folks are for no one, not really.
Not for men, or women or children, clearly.

But TV/media has tried to indoctrinate us all by way of their undressing images before our eyes, daily. I assure you guarding your heart here and on others is a part of your Godly “resistance”. They are banking on pride, unforgiveness, self-pity & self-focus/selfishness, lusts and materialism to be things used to break families up, communication down, and a thing to make walls.

All the while their fake "sex", through glossy photos, can be the imagined drug of choice for a pained and spiritually disconnected lot of men out there. These poor guys who have seen these dark systems severe the sacred unity and purity that is really at the heart of all health and welfare for them, join in self-undoing in this, surely. For those who know better, God's plan is the only health and plan, for men, their future and surely their families.

I have more to say on this, it can be so hard to say what you really want to here, with time constraints and all.

Like all of Satan's "creations", (though he has created nothing and is the thing of dark vacuums only), he is all about stealing the wholesomeness, the beauty, the holiness (wholeness) and the unity, and, of course, the truth, the faithfulness, the love. If moral relativism ( 'there are no "right" and no "wrongs") and incrimentalism can have enough kids from "broken" homes fed on secular ideologies, weaned On MTV, etc. they will never know right from wrong or how to treat anyone, including themselves.

For the gays, I think, sadly for them, unless some come to find out, it is even more of a kind of suicide also.

The cure for all of this lies in the individuals and families looking to do things God's way, for themselves first.

Bring up a child the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

I feel very hurt and grieved for men and woman out there who have been hurt by this system, and we all have I am sure, in one way or another.

As a woman and a Wife, I am pained to see this, if not simply, as a human being.


P.S. PLEASE don't make the fatal-error of going online and doing a search of "Shekina" using new-age forums. There you will get lots of untrue misinformation coming out of pagan ("new"-age) Talmud-based sources. These are NOT the true Shekina of God, which is simply HIS glory. These other ones seek to "deify" women and make "girl-power" and their similar Feminist spawns a thing as focus and a thing as valued.

It amounts to nothing from the perspective of the Bible, except as any of the resulting pains or dissatisfcations, resulting in looking to see "self" as "god", small g. It is pride and meaningless..As true love, on the part of a woman, will NEVER be about manipulations by use or misuse of any God-given "power" to her..Misuse of these powers and corrupting of them at the very core of the new-age and Pro-Feminist new-age ideologies, all anti men, ant-woman and anti-God and family, at heart. And of course, aptly named, anti-Christ..

The TRUE Shekina study you do will be about purity and hoiless, God's way and the true Word of God and His glory, no creature's, nor specialness to either sex, in rference to pride, unholiness, or misuse of "powers"..

Please make the distinction, if you study about this. I will try to provide some links on what I have written.

This one seems good too:
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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Old 12-30-2004, 01:14 PM
marypopinz marypopinz is offline
Senior Member
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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

Lynn said, "I agree with all you wrote, above, at the start "of this thread, freeman.""

Mary's translation: "I am ignoring the rest."
Didn't you like the rest of the thread, Lynn?

You and your attitude, dearie. You remind me of a spiteful woman, who just has to get her digs in while appearing prim and proper, no matter how valid the point you are making, may be.

Can't you just be nice woman? WE all are a part of this forum, whether you choose to acknowledge that fact or not.

And to further comment on what you said....

I agree with you AND women are behaving just as bad, like "hot-asses" these days. It's not only the men who are acting like whores.... Get your Britney on is what we're teaching the young.


P.S. I'm gonna cross-check whenever you play dirty, sweetie, every time. We all need to play nicely and I very rarely miss a trick.
[size=medium]Freelance brain owner[/size] R U Darwin\'s monkey?[size=medium] HumanKIND = God\'s creation[/size]
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Old 12-30-2004, 09:38 PM
freeman freeman is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2004
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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

I respect Lynn's viewpoints, even though we sometimes disagree, and I believe her beliefs are sincere, heartfelt, and often provocative.
I have always tried to live by the mantra that every man (or woman) is my better in that I may learn from them.
In fact, I am hoping to post a thread soon about the moral and spiritual dualism inherent in Freemasonry and the occult, and I would appreciate Lynn's input on this subject, as well as everyone else's.
I do NOT have all of the answers, and that is why I am here -- still searching, listening to others who have chosen "the road less traveled by" and trying to formulate a more coherent understanding of what I have learned to be a very dystopic world.
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