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Old 03-03-2007, 01:20 AM
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Default Alien Connections to USA - Russian Rift

The recent rift in World Politics can be read about here : http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article1386812.ece

Amitakh Stanford has written about this rift in world politics in her peice "Aliens Behind the Super Powers and Super Alliances". She explains how the two main Anunnaki alliances are esoterically manipulating world affairs. She has written that the Reptilian group (the China-Russia alliance) now appear to be weaker, but will eventually be victorious. I feel that this excerpt from the article (located in full, here : http://www.xeeatwelve.net/articles/aliens.html ) may be greatly appreciated by some, in light of these new current events.


Here is an excerpt :

...Since the recent alien alliances began, various countries have aligned themselves with the U.S.A., which is currently a Vulturite dominated state that was formerly a Reptilian dominated nation. As I stated in Super Powers, Super Wars and Extermination, the Reptilian consciousnesses in high positions have already "migrated" to China. At this time, many nations are changing political alliances. These changes could surprise many political observers who lack the esoteric understanding that the new alliances and allegiances being formed are based upon alien consciousnesses that are dominant in the various countries. On the political scene, there will be many changes of personnel in banking and other political fields due to alien alignments.

Several Arab states will align with the Vulturite-headed U.S.A., others will align with the Reptilians. This is going to cause severe conflict in Israel, which continues to be influenced by the Reptilians. A severe rift will form within Israel and between its main ally, the U.S.A. The new Arab/U.S.A. (Vulturite) alliance will be very strong despite the allies' religious differences (Christian/Muslim). Here is what I mentioned in Discourse #12 regarding the invasion of Iraq by U.S.A. forces:

. . . Here is my revelation from 31st March 2003:

- Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first. The birthplace (country) of Jesus will tremble.

Internal rebellion will occur in the number one on the top (Vulturite side) which will eventually fall and will be humiliated and punished.

The road to Damascus will lead to many places.

Bloodshed everywhere will cover the whole earth, streaming far and long.

All heads will turn as they witness the horrific end of mankind.

Humanity in transit will not rest in peace.

The voice of Old will scream out and be heard for miles around.

Those who caused the grim will find no place to hide. They will cringe in fear and be breathless. Their hearts will fly out in fear and numbness. Their days of Old will catch up with them. They will cry but no tears will come, they will scream but none will hear them, they will cry for help and forgiveness but none will be given to them. The gnashing of teeth and the tearing out of their hair will signal the end of the bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron.

"Mountains" will turn over to crush the evil ones. The mountain of giants will advance in numbers never witnessed before and march towards "Golgotha" and together the wind of fate will gather strength and push eastwards, northwards, southwards and even to the west. The land of Zion will cry and then will be no more. Hosanna in the highest all will shout but there will be none to hear or sing the song "Hosanna, Hosanna." -

It should be remembered that Syria has long been considered to be strongly opposed to the U.S.A. The physical observers will believe Syria's turn towards the U.S.A. to be due to bribes/threats etc. However, the reason for the shift towards the new Vulturite alliance is the commencement of the alignments of alien consciousnesses - Syria is the first to join in.

It will not matter what political stand a country took in the past; today the alliances will form regardless of religious, political, economic and other differences. The regimes can be totalitarian or democratic - it will make no difference. Since every country has a mixture of Reptilians and Vulturites in their populations, there will be unrest everywhere.

Taiwan will become one of the catalyst issues regarding the confrontation of the two sides. However, remember that the wars do not have to be shooting wars. They can take many forms of expression.

The United Kingdom is in flux right now, and while it will appear to follow the U.S.A. at first, eventually it will cool towards it after Tony Blair is no longer the Prime Minister. It is most likely that Britain's former master - the Reptilians - will re-gain political dominance in that country.

Russia will join China and form a formidable alliance of Reptilian forces. Brazil, Italy, Iran, India, Iceland, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Korea, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and others, after internal turmoil, will eventually gravitate towards the Sino-Russian alliance.

Denmark, Australia, Jordan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Japan and most of the Asian countries, Spain, Canada and others will eventually gravitate towards the Vulturite power base in the U.S.A...

2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF


Amitakh has also written about this conflict in her piece "Super Powers, Super Wars and Extermination," located here : http://www.xeeatwelve.net/articles/super_powers.html

Here is an excerpt :

...China will become the main world power. The alien consciousnesses that are now occupying the human bodies in China are the same consciousnesses that were occupying bodies in the U.S.A. up to, and especially during, the Clinton administration. Most of these alien consciousnesses have "migrated" to China and are now residing mostly in Chinese bodies. Certain aliens have the ability to change host bodies as they choose. For example: some of the Reptilian consciousnesses housed in bodies in the U.S.A. and the U.K. have "migrated" to China in recent years, leaving the bodies behind. Those same bodies in the U.S.A. and the U.K. are now occupied by Vulturite consciousnesses, which were quick to step in and take advantage of the situation. During the shift of locations, the Reptilians were able to take much of the technology and other information with them. This is why China will soon be the world's superpower.

Different countries will begin to re-align themselves in accordance with their attraction/revulsion regarding Reptilian/Vulturite alliances. The Reptilians and the Vulturites are the two main Anunnaki contenders for domination of the Earth. There will be a confrontation between these two groups, represented by the two major powers on Earth (U.S.A. and its allies versus China and its allies). Many changes are coming that will affect the lives of people in all countries.

Hence, the Reptilians in human bodies will clash with the Vulturites in human bodies. While these clashes will be seen by most as human political wars, they will in fact be alien wars. Both sides are represented by alien consciousnesses in human bodies in high political positions...

2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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Old 03-03-2007, 01:28 PM
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Default Re: Alien Connections to USA - Russian Rift

I always suspected that the United States had been invaded with the Vulturite aliens.

They disguise themselves as well as the Reptillians, though.

You can find Vulturites in every strata of American Society, but mostly as Presidents and CEOs of Mega Corporations, and members of Congress.
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Old 03-04-2007, 10:24 AM
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Default Re: Alien Connections to USA - Russian Rift

Where can you get a pair of those special glasses that shows them up?
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