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Old 04-08-2005, 09:13 AM
get_real get_real is offline
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As a former christian, I now must find the strength to accept yet another teaching. This of some NWO creating some new GOD, and probably a new BIBLE, and probably some new RITUALS.

For heavens sake, if they are going to hide/eliminate the Christian belief/faith, then I say...don't go onto some other god.

How much more can I take. Can't I just have the basics for getting up in the morning and providing for myself/wellbeing, be a law abiding citizen, good to my neighbor, and contribute fairly to what it takes to keep our country debt free and well-stocked for our people??

I don't know what I am doing so wrong???

I believe that there is a higher power. I do not believe in the christian heaven/hell story, and I make no apologies. I feel we can be awakened with teaching tools, however, I've met people who for decades had never gone to church, nor do they believe in a man-made god---and they are very fine people. The kindest that can be.

As for myself, being sent to Catholic School as a youngster really made me question things quite early in life. I personally thought the priest and nuns were out of their minds. Glad my parents felt the same. But we went along with it for show. LONG STORY!!!

The one thing that I truly dread, outside of issues that I won't go into now, is that I will be forced to worship some god/gods/man-god. (I'm still not over the rosary, what's with that anyway???!!!) Like my mother used to say: "good for business". The communion thingy made me sick to my stomach. Maybe that's why I'm not so keen on bread and wine in my eating habits.

Please!! No more religion for me. I'd rather have a tooth pulled without novecaine.

Though fellowship can be a good thing for people to unwind and talk pleasantries, and have entertainment for their children, these fellowships have become mind twisters instead. (Actually they have been mind twister from their conception, we just didn't know it)

I know I'm coming across as an everyday jane.
I feel (at times) that getting into heavy discussion/debate doesn't have any answers.
But it makes for good communication with fellow man. No problem with that.

So for those of you that think that Christianity doesn't get equal time, to me (and those like me)... this is what we constantly hear. It's all over de place!!! If you're not Christian, you are doomed for hell, as well as hell on earth.

I just don't know what I'm doing so wrong.
Is it my breath??

PS: I wonder if this new pope will come from a wealthy family background???? With friends in all the right places!!!

Got Truth?
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Old 04-08-2005, 01:21 PM
Saturnino Saturnino is offline
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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

If you are not a Christian you are doomed to Hell on earth ? Come on, Christians are the ones having a hard time. They are labeled as idiots, as narrow minded people full of prejudice. I would spare myself much trouble were I NOT a Christian.

Jesus Himself said that in this world Christians would be despised and persecuted, and this is what happens all the time. The cool thing now is to be a pagan, a witch or atheist.

Maybe you had a bad experience with religious Christianity, but this is not the personal relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior as He intended you to have. I don`t like RELIGION either. What I mean is that it is possible that you never experienced REAL Christianity, so you may be throwing the baby away with the bathwater.

The sad part is that many people who are upset with the religion part miss the fact that Jesus is really into love, understanding, solidarity, meaning, and all things that they are probably looking for.
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Old 04-08-2005, 07:33 PM
nohope187 nohope187 is offline
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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

Hey Real, you mentioned you have a catholic background. Most people I know who are disillusioned with church come from the same background, coincidence? I think not. Let's list all the bullshit there is in roman catholicism, shall we? You already mentioned the rosary with chanting Hail Mary until you're blue in the face, but there's also shit like saying the Lord's prayer for just about everything under the sun, the bullshit concept of purgatory to get money out of the sheeple, and then there's the bullshit concept that Christ is God because that falls right in line with Mary being the mother of God, which leads back to pagan worship of Isis or Ashtoreth, The Queen of Heaven- she has a shit load of names.
Let's see, Heaven and Hell when the bible implies that there is no consciousness in death untill the great day of resurrection- look in Revelation for that one. Yeah, lot's of bullshit. I understand your frustration. :-P
So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I\'ve had enough of the world and it\'s people\'s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me, I\'ll never be the same. -Brandon Boyd
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Old 04-08-2005, 07:49 PM
Ozziecynic's Avatar
Ozziecynic Ozziecynic is offline
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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

:-? GR: It looks like a case of simply being disillusioned with institutional christainity like the catholic and Anglican churches.(e.g like all the false grief for the Pope at the present time among the high and mightly.)
Anyone who thinks christianity is all about the institution and not personal faith have obviously never read the Bible thouroughly or even care to As saturnino said dont make the mistake of throwing out the baby with the bath water!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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Old 04-09-2005, 01:26 AM
Max Max is offline
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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

Get_real, I think you're right on the mark to being what one would consider a good Christian, doing the right things to create a wonderful world. My Bible study has shown that these are the real teachings of Jesus and his underling message. I say following Jesus' teaching of goodness seems to be the only real way to defeat the NWO.

The NWO however has polluted and hijacked the message of "prophets" with the creation of religion, watered down important writings and introduced all the mindless rituals. Of course they create the power structures and then taken them over to control the masses. My research has shown that prayer was originally taught as a means to better connect with ones inner (and hidden) power- this has been hijacked as well. Ironically, most religion now teaches us to stay away from "witch craft" and the like which is just really one of our natural born capabilities that we all have.

I too was born and raised Catholic and agree with much of what's being said-- however, I do view the Bible as containing important writings that can act as a guide for life.
Truth, Peace, Freedom, Trust, Abundance, Unselfishness, Joy, Humility and Pure Love
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Old 04-09-2005, 07:04 AM
truebeliever truebeliever is offline
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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

My Father was one of 15. Irish Catholic. The horrors they went through.

I judge the Pope and the Church by it's actions...or should I say inaction.

I hope all the institutions die. Let the message live in the hearts of individual human beings who may come together in solidarity.

Let Christs word speak in our day to day activities.

Let ALL large institutions die and grass roots organizations take hold.

The Church numbers are dying. I wonder why? Not because of something lacking in Christs word thats for sure.

I think to much emphasis has been placed on being sheep and turning the other cheek. Wise words for some situations but not for others.

Christ as reformer of a corrupt and withering system needs more press. Did'nt Christ say..."I dont bring peace, but a sword!" Also, Christ whipping the money changers from the temple is my favourite image from the N.T. Maybe it's time for a little more emphasis on acting on things instead of being passive little sheep.

Of course those same institutions living off tax exemption etc...will never challenge the current nest of vipers.

In which case may they wither and die. They no longer serve God and Gods people but are servents of...Lucifer? Of the State? Of power and privelidge?

It's time people removed their feeding tube.
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Old 04-09-2005, 09:00 AM
get_real get_real is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 334
Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

Great replies.

However, I'm in the Bible Belt. Trust me, I know about Christianity. The bottom line is that Christianity has become a different animal.
I do not accept it any more. And I do not accept that if a person gives themselves some name as 'humanitarian', 'agnostic', 'spiritual', metaphysical, and the likes... that it constitutes a evil agenda, or NWO groupie. Baloney! And that's what I've been hearing from too many Christians. "Oh you're a humanitarian", "humanist", "agnostic"?..."the devil deceives in many ways!" ... Give me a break will ya??

Of course the teaching of JC are beautiful, no doubt about it. I wish ministers, pastors, missionaries, etc., would leave it at that & leave it alone. But noooooooooooooooooo!
The way they want you to believe in Christianity is to eat, drink and sleep Christianity all the time!! (?) Why? Once I've accepted this teaching, and applied it to my personal life and ways, and saw that it was good... then great! Leave ME alone!!!

Here in Florida, especially this coast...
you are either in or out depending on your Christian faith. And not just that, but the DEGREE of your Christian faith, and then not only that but who you know in this area of Christian belief. Then who you are, how much you have, what do you do, etc. etc.

Alot of BS.(as nohope said)

As far as being Catholic, I never was!! I only went to Catholic school because it was private and bi-lingual, and the education was great. And near home. This made it great for my parents who did not speak English that well at that time, and didn't have a car yet, amongst other things. Otherwise, I do not accept any rituals and such as there are within the Catholic institution.

I'm sorry that some of you feel that Christians get the bad end of the stick. But NOT here in Florida!!! KKK's say they are true Christians,
Southern Baptists say they are true Christians, Catholics say they are the one and only true religion, Methodist think everyone else has it all wrong. Gee whiz, I'll discuss this with God when the time comes. Not really, I don't believe in such a God that's going to question and judge me by my beliefs. It is what is in the heart! As adults we know what is right, fair, and loving.

I believe a higher power we call God dwells in all of us.

No, I'm not disillusioned, or throwing out the baby with the bath water... what I would like to see is maybe throwing out some bad Christians.

Mark my words, bad Christians with their high horse attitudes will be preaching Luciferianism. Some already are, they just don't know it. But their ministers do!!

Good discussion folks. Hope someone comes up with a good thread, it's been kind of stale lately. But let's keep a good head on our shoulders. Peace.
Got Truth?
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