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Default Adding and Deducting

Adding and Deducting

Lighting and Extinguishing the Candle
„And if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon it: if not, it shall turn to you again."
Luke 10:6

A Secret Prayer

Faithful, true, pure and kind you should always be!

It is interesting why Christ tells his disciples never to greet when walking along the road. Nowadays it is considered good manners to greet somebody, but Christ says not to greet people when walking along the road. The line is clear by itself: Christ says that He sends them as sheep among wolves. I ask, when a sheep meets a wolf, how will the sheep greet the wolf? The word greeting implies that only two intelligent persons who love each other can greet each other. Only intelligent people can greet one another. People who do not have any intelligence cannot greet each other, cannot talk to each other. Often too much talking does not achieve the goal it was intended for. There is no point dwelling on evidence that such is life; you yourselves know this. Those who talk a lot, accomplish little.

Now, what is the objective of your meetings? Is it to talk to one another? You say, ‘Let’s gather together![1]’ Well, there is nothing unusual in this! Which people do not gather together? People gather together in pubs, people gather together in the streets, people gather together in cinemas, people gather together in churches – people gather together everywhere, so you were saying, ‘Let’s gather together!’ Well, when was it that you did not gather together? I find this gathering together of yours rather usual. It would be more unusual not to gather together, and for one of you to go to one place in the forest, while another one goes to another place in the forest, a third one – to some place one kilometer away from the other two, so that no one knows who is where. Of course you should not understand it in the direct sense, but I am just giving a hint, because we often try to find the meaning of life where it is not. If the gathering together is done consciously, under the influence of the Divine Love, then such a meeting makes sense, but when the gathering together is the result of thoroughly different considerations, then the results are thoroughly different too.

Now, let’s come to the substantial issue: what are the features of the gathering together? You have all been first year school children, and I even believe that you have graduated elementary school. In such a case, what are the features of a gathering, what makes it different? There is an increase in gathering together; this is what makes it different. Hence, when things gathering together they increase. The opposite process is to be found in deduction: when we deduct, things decrease. So, the real point of your gathering together is to increase.

Well, now that you gather together, do you increase? Only gathering together is not enough, but does each one of you, on leaving the gathering, feel that one has become bigger than what one used to be? At every meeting one’s body should increase organically at least by one 1/10000th of the millimetre. When one goes to a gathering, particularly to praying meetings as is ours, one must have increased at least a little according to the law of gathering together . Now let’s assume that one of you goes to a first class dining place, having the best of chefs, who has prepared ten of the very best pastries, which you like a lot: one with cabbage, another with onion, a third one with carrots, a fourth one with spinach, a fifth one with cheese etc. If you eat from all those pastries, what would you gain? If I enter the same dining place and if I take a sweet pastry made with milk and dashed with sugar, and you eat from the ten pastries, who has gained more? You who have eaten from these ten pastries will decrease, because these pastries are very expensive. You were of a bigger weight before getting into the dining place, because you had more money in your pocket, but when you left, you already weigh less, you have decreased. Subsequently the first rule on entering a dining place is to act in accordance with the law on gathering: you gather pieces of the pastries together. But when you leave the dining place, you act in accordance with the law on deducting, and as a result a neutralisation takes place, i.e. the acquisition is neutralised. Do you now get wind of where I am driving you at?
You are all smart people; well, I will give you a task to see how you will solve it: you have one unit; can you divide it into more than 10 parts? No, a unit can only be divided into ten parts. It cannot be divided into more than ten parts, without repeating numbers. For instance, if you divide into twelve or thirteen parts, you will have the sum of the numbers 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 and so on. So, the same figures up to nine are repeated again, but are not something new. Subsequently an apple can be divided only into ten parts; it cannot be divided into more than ten parts. This is the law; this is how things are in the Divine world: a unit can only be divided into ten parts. As soon as we come to the human world, the unit there can be divided into many parts.

Now, we are moving to the important issue. In general all people strive to attain Divine Love, don’t they? What are the features of Divine Love? You have been searching for Divine Love for so many years, but are you aware of at least one of the features of Divine Love? Can someone among you read a paragraph from chapter thirteen of the First Epistle to the Corinthians? As soon as Love appears on the physical level, you all know already that it deals with material stuff. A child says to his or her mother, ‘Mummy, if you love me, give me some bread!’; that is all there is to it. A student says to a teacher, ‘If you love me, give me knowledge!’; this is a slightly higher condition of Love. So, as long as we associate material stuff with Love, Divine Love cannot be manifested, because there will always be competition. If you have one benefactor who supports you, but supports ten other persons at the same time, and one of them is sponsored more lavishly, discontent will arouse within you, although this person supports you as well. There is discontent also in studying: those who progress in their studies are discontent. Hence, real Love begins when one comes to the borderline where discontent disappears.

I see that a mother loves her child, but the child dies. She weeps; she suffers and tells herself, ‘I cannot do without this child; why did God take my child away from me?’ God gives her another child, she also loves the child very much and she says again that she cannot do without this child; but before long the child grows up and a rupture appears between the mother and the child. I ask what happened that this love faded. Where has it disappeared? It is actually our understanding that the mother cannot do without the child. Mothers hold their children in their arms; they raise their children and they think that they cannot live without their children. Children also think that they cannot live without their mothers but due to one reason or another, this mother had to give her child to the servant or to another woman to raise the child, and we see that in ten years or so the child of this woman actually started resembling the [foster] mother[A1] . So, the idea that she cannot live without the child, is right only in respect of God.

Let me explain to you what is implied in the thought that she cannot live without this child: imagine that you have a small lamp and you say, ‘I cannot live without the lamp.’ What is it exactly that you cannot live without – the lamp itself, the bulb of the lamp or is it something else that you cannot live without? You cannot live without Light. The light of the lamp is actually the substantial issue that you cannot live without, while the bulb is merely a conductor of this Love. As long as Divine Love flows through this child, I cannot live without the child, but as soon as it stops flowing through the child, it no longer makes sense. Hence this form is meaningful only because it contains Light. Light, however, is not the utmost limit of Divine Love. Behind this light, which we see in the form of rays, there is another more substantial thing. It is not Light that can satisfy us. We open the book of Life, this Light falls on the book and we read; so, this Light is necessary for you to read the book of Life. But the meaning is not in reading itself; this reading shows us the Path to God. So the Lamp is needed for the manifestation of Light; Light is needed for the manifestation of the book and for us to read; the book shows Life, discloses its hidden meaning, and Life shows us the Path to God. Once we accomplish all this, we are glad and we start with Light towards this Path.

The important thing that you should know is that all those things that exist are aids, instructions to the Great and Divine in the world. The love existing among people, the relations existing among them, these are all things that direct us to God. If one knows how to watch, one will find something nice anyway in every other person, in every being, no matter how small they may be. If one is able to grasp this nice feature one will add something to one’s life.

Now, I see that you all have started doing it backwards: you meet on the physical level, but on the spiritual level you have started deducting and keep finding only negative features in one another. What are you deducting? You say that sister so and so has a negative feature. Do you know what happens when you say so? One ray of this lamp goes out. Then you say about some woman, ‘Do you know what disability this sister has?’; and a second ray of the lamp goes out. You say about a third person, ‘She has brought only discord since she joined the meeting!’ and see a third ray goes out. ‘Well, this one, the fourth one, ever since she joined us, we have been inflicted by all the misfortunes!’; and again a fourth and a fifth ray of the lamp goes out. You talk in the same negative way about the fifth, about the sixth, about the seventh, about the eighth etc. sister and before you realise the rays of light in the lamp go out one after another, until in the end the whole lamp is out. You deduct, and deduct and darkness falls after all this. This is a psychological law, which causes the Light in our mind, in our consciousness, to go out. You deduct and you deduct until in the end you find yourself in complete darkness. Everything has gone out in your mind and finally you say, ‘God, why did you make the world like this?’ God says, ‘Those who extinguish the Light in their mind, as you do, will remain to live in darkness and obscurity.’
What do you have to do? You will start the reverse process and you will say, ‘That sister over there has started improving, she has become an excellent piano player let her come and play for us.’; she comes, sits at the piano and starts playing. And she plays well! The lamp is lit immediately. Then you say about some other sister, ’Do you know that sister so and so is a writer, she writes very well, let’s invite her to read something to us!’’ she comes, reads a poem of hers, everybody is pleased, everybody is glad and the Lamp increases its light. ‘Well, that sister over there is an artist, let her bring in her paintings for us to see!’; she brings in her paintings, everybody looks at them, everybody is glad. The Lamp increases her Light even more. It is said about another sister, ‘This sister has attended training in sewing and works well, let’s ask her to deliver a training course for us!’ The Lamp increases its Light even more. It is said about some other sister, ‘Do you know what delicious pastries this sister makes, come on, let’s ask her to make a pastry for us!’; she makes a pastry, everybody is glad, pleased, and the Lamp keeps increasing its light even more. The more you emphasise the positive features of one another, the stronger the light in the Lamp will be, until finally it is lit to its fullest capacity. And since you aim at the positive side of Life, this is the only way to cultivate your character. This is the Divine in man. Otherwise, looking only for the negative features in one’s character, you are becoming banal.

Today I was explaining a great law in Life: there are two types of men in the world and two types of women: women of the first type are heroes, while of the other one – cowards; men of the one type are heroes, while of the other one – cowards. God tells both of them, ‘There will be suffering!’ You are asked from the Invisible world whether you want to suffer like heroes or like cowards. We, contemporary people, want to avoid suffering. No one can avoid suffering. I say that suffering in the present century is a condition for one’s development. Both cowards and heroes suffer, but I am asking you whether you want to suffer like heroes or like cowards? Which is better for you? Like heroes! If I tell you that you have to suffer like heroes, you say that this is not suitable for you. If you say that you have to suffer like cowards, this is absolutely not suitable for you. The Scripture reads, ‘Cowards shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.’ What does this line mean? This means that Love cannot permeate the soul of a coward. Fear is a negative feature. Cowards represent a stony soil, where nothing can grow; therefore a coward cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. I would translate this line in another way, ‘Springs cannot flow in deserts, fruit cannot be born, death reins everywhere there.’ This is to say that the desert cannot be inherited by people. In order for the desert to be inherited by people, there must be springs flowing, while Life can spring only from Love. Rivers, springs, and trees – all these are an emblem of a Power which is derived from Love.

Each one of you should stop and think things over well; to have a positive thought in respect of the Divine Providence and to know where exactly one can find this Divine Providence. Each good thought which is imprinted into your mind, is a good echo of the Divine thought. When a good thought visits you, when you experience a good urge, when a good friend visits you, when you read a good book, when the sky is clear or when a beautiful star catches your attention, do not miss these. All this is a speech coming from Heaven. If this star has caught your attention, you will stop and see what it wants to let you know.

Now, I will present a picture to you, for you to see how Heaven speaks: imagine that you are in a dark stormy night, you cannot find your way around, you have lost the path, you do not know where you are; a wind blows for a while and you see the Polar Star. What does it show you? It shows the direction, it shows where East is, where West is, where North and South are. This star wants to show you that you have taken the westerly direction, and you have to return and take the easterly direction; this is the direction of your path. As soon as it has communicated this to you, shortly afterwards the sky gets clouded over again and the star is not to be seen. Has this star communicated anything to you? Yes, it determines your path… Further on along the path you see that a candle is lit in a lodge somewhere far away in the distance. You have to understand the voice of this lit candle… I will present another picture to you: imagine that you are travelling on a dark stormy night, there is a violent blizzard and you lose your way. At one moment you see that a small candle not far away from you is lit. What does this candle want to communicate to you? It wants to communicate to you, ‘Come and be my guest! This is the only way that you can be saved from death! Our Lord [Master] is very good; therefore we opened the window.’

So sometimes it will be dark, stormy and unpleasant in your life and you will tell yourselves, ‘I do not want to live! Let’s hope that a disease of some kind will send me to the other world.’ But exactly at this time a Light will appear from somewhere, which will tell you, ‘Come to our home!’ So, God speaks to the soul through this Light and He says, ‘Have no fear, there is a shelter for you!’ This is what this Light in the dark gloomy night communicates. This Light is an expression of Love. And we love God, through this Light He sends His Love to the worlds. And everybody who understands the language of this Light will see that Divine Love lies behind each of its rays. This is what it means to understand the true meaning of Light. Or put in a mystic language, you will feel a sacred tribulation within your soul and if you have been desperate, you will immediately feel an internal gentleness, you will cheer up, you will feel elevated and you will start doing your work.

So, now I am telling all of you: when you gather together, do not start putting the rays of Light out. You have already mastered the art of finding fault with other people even little children can do this. Even animals too, when they gather together, they look at each other and they tell themselves, ‘You are no good, we know you, we can’t trust you!’ A bird meets you, it looks at you and it says, ‘I know you.’ It has no faith in you either; it also puts a ray of Light out. I am just praying in the forest and all of a sudden a hare passes by me; when I stump my foot, the hare sets off in among the trees, hides there and says, ‘I do not believe in your prayer.’ The hare puts out a ray of the lamp’s Light. I am writing poetry of some sort and a bird passes by me and all of a sudden it flies far away; and it says, ‘I do not believe in you, I have tested poets like you.’ And it wipes out another ray of Light. Birds too are faithless; they too apply this negative thought in respect of you. I have tested birds: some bird flies, comes towards me and I tell the bird, ‘Come here to my hand!’ It enquires, ‘What guarantee can you give me that you won’t hurt me? I’d better sing in the tree, rather than perch on your hand.’ It does not trust me; it does not perch on my hand. So far I have known only one bird that has perched on my hand, a bird which trusted me. All of the others have flown away, they do not trust me. But if one manifests the Love of God, birds will trust such a person too. In 1917 when I was in Varna there was a closet in my hotel, where I kept coal. Two blackbirds came in once – a female and a male. I took them upstairs into my room, as the winter was freezing cold, there were many blizzards and it was very cold in the closet. I said to myself, ‘I will pay as much as it takes for the birds.’ I took a bucket of grain in the morning, lit the brazier and sat there to warm myself. The male blackbird got scared, flew away and sat by the window, but the female came to the brazier, climbed on my legs and afterwards it went to the window. In a short while it came to the brazier again, climbed on my shoulder and then went again to the window. Finally it came to me and sat on my hand. I am asking you how you could interpret this; why did it climb on my leg, then my shoulder and finally my hand. The male blackbird told her, ‘You, woman, see this man, I have tried men, and I know what they are like!’ She is looking at me with her sad eyes and I am looking at her, then she flew away from my shoulder, she went to the window and said to me, ‘Mister, you are very kind, you made a fire, you gave us water, you gave us grains, but would you now open the window so that we can fly outside to carry on with our work.’ I talk to her in a birdie language, ‘The weather outside is foul, stormy; when it gets warmer I myself will open the windows for you to fly away.’ She went to the male blackbird, spoke to him and then they became quiet. They went to bed very calm in the evening… This is the only bird which trusted me completely. This is to say that they have consciousness. The male blackbird does not trust people and you resemble the male blackbird now. God does Good to you, but you say, ‘God does Good to us, but there is no knowing?...’ How many of you are like the female blackbird? I say that this is a praiseworthy example; every person has to have such faith in God and has to know that even in the darkest and stormiest night, one may find oneself in the closet, from where God will pick him or her into His room. God will have providence for you too.
One shall not conquer the Kingdom of God by looking outside. The outside world shall not alter for our sake. When we talk about the Divine world, we mean an internal change, this internal softening of the human heart. I consider a stormy dark night something very beautiful and I will tell you why: a night like this can be a blessing for me. Imagine that I am a person who has been travelling aimlessly here and there all my life, I haven’t done anything good and by going round in this dark stormy night I lose my way in the forest and all of a sudden I see a small window opening and a small candle lighting.

I take the direction of this small light and I enter the lodge of a good, noble person who opens the book of Life and directs me to God. Wasn’t this night a great blessing for me? This night saved me. Sometimes the good day can bring ruin to a person. Imagine that I go to this person who will show me the path to God, by passing by a pub I see friends of mine sitting in front of it at the tables, drinking and having fun. It is a fine, beautiful day, the Sun is shining brightly. Looking at them I ask myself, ‘Who is going to go to this person right now? Isn’t it better to stop by and to have some fun?’ I stop by and I miss my Good, this beautiful day succeeded in tempting me. Do not think that the external environment is something real! No, it is not something reliable and do not think that your good is hidden in it. Do not think that your health always hides your happiness. Tolstoy himself said that a good idea dawned upon him after each illness and after each recovery; he came out of these having acquired something Divine. Sometimes it seems that one is neither here nor in Heaven, but afterwards a person moves to a new phase. So that true health lies in the fact that one should be in agreement with God, in agreement with righteous and good people on the surface of the earth or with those people who live up there in Heaven.

Now, you all have to aspire to be a paragon of pure Life. I see that now you have certain peculiar habits which I explain in an absolutely different way: all of you have descended to an area of the enchanted world. Almost all people from religious societies go through this area. It is known about this area that no Light from the outside is given to it, and every one lights one’s path with as much Light as one has; each one lights one’s own path, but the area itself is dark. In this dark area you will meet many beings, lagging behind in their evolution for thousands of years and they will fly at you like predators, they will avail of your Light, they will attack you with their criticism, they will tell you, ‘You are a good person, you are a bad person’, the whole world is considered bad by them. At last when you lose your faith, they will attack you fiercely and they tell you, ‘You are not a saint either, there is no worse sinner than you in the world, don’t you think you have taken the right Path! Once we also started along this Path like you, but nothing came out of it. Stay with us, we shall show you what we do!’ If you believe them, you will remain a resident of this enchanted area to be their servant. Right now there is no need for you to listen to other people’s advice. Those who pass through this area will close their ears not to hear them. When you get out of this area you will take the wadding out of your ears and you will hear the best of stories. One has to be deaf when passing through this area.

The world may improve, but we need methods. God has all the ways and methods to improve the world. He will transform it. In order to be able to help yourselves, in order to be able to help your neighbours, you have to learn God’s methods. You often read the Gospel and you cannot understand it. Why? Because the Spiritual cannot not be conveyed by books. For instance, let’s take a picture of a lamp, but does it represent Light? No, it is only a small representation of Light. Can Light stream out of it? No Light can stream out of it. So, the first condition when the Divine comes into a human being is that at least a small change should take place in one’s mind and one should be pleased with everything that God gives to him or her; to do the smallest jobs and to try to realise each good thought or each good desire, no matter how small it might be. Because the thousand, the million drops form the springs, the many rivers on their part form the sea. The power of man lies in these small impulses, in these small goods that one can do. You understood everything I told you, didn’t you?
(The Master draws a minaret.)

You know that the imam speaks the same no matter to which step of the minaret he has climbed. Likewise you too, no matter how high you will climb, you speak the same. A sister says, ‘You do not understand what it means when the Spirit talks.’ And the other one says the same. No, this is like the imam speaking from the minaret. If a sister talks like this, I will tell her, ‘Yes, sister, you speak very well, but let us now go and visit a sick person, to say a prayer. Since you know better, you will lead it while I will only say amen to it all, and let’s hope that you will be able to help. You have been serving God for a long time, you do what you think fit, and I will bring water and will say amen to it.’ But you say, ‘No, sister, I do not deal in such affairs. The karma of this sick person has not as yet flown out; there is nothing to help him about.’ The issue about karma has another aspect: you try to be of help and do not think about other people’s karma.

I take another perspective to the issue: the evil that is manifested in God is not evil; it is only a trial, because there must be something in one’s life, which can test one’s power [strength]. The evil in a person is the positive side of one’s life. If one is intelligent one will know how to cope with those strong movements in one’s life. If one thought or one feeling is strong within a person or if one’s speech is strong, one will utilise all of these to one’s benefit. It’s not bad for one to be angry. One will take one’s anger and will tell it, ‘Listen, it has been many years since I gave birth to you! I fed you; you ate and drank; now it’s time for me to make you work and for you to listen to me!’ You will show it the stick and you will ask it, ‘Will you listen to me? You will first learn to stay put, then you will wait, you will be good and only when I tell you to capture somebody, you will do so! Until I tell you what to do, you will listen to my commands!’ It will respond, ‘I will, Your Excellency!’ It will only sit and ask, ‘Is it time to capture him or her?’ It sits, sharpens the knife for a day or two, or three, it waits, but I take it with the axe to the forest everyday and I tell it, ‘Get down to work!’ When we return I ask it, ‘Are you pleased?’ – ‘Yes, I am.’ Make your anger chop wood, make it whitewash; this is its business, it will do it perfectly well.

Now, let’s go back to the main point; you all need to do internal work in Life, but whatever you have to start, keep it silent, do not say a word to anybody. There is one rule in Esoteric science: you should not let anybody know what you do, only the fruit should be shown externally. This is how musicians, artists, poets, and anybody else should work. If people listen to the practicing of music, they will be bored. Therefore, a musician should play and practice alone. When should he play before people? When he completes his studies or when he completes his picture or when he completes his poetry. So now, you all have to keep silent, but not to be silent about everything. No, you shall be silent about the substantial issues! If you understand it literally, you will fall silent and a sister will ask you something and you will keep silent. Again you will be asked to say something, and again you keep silent. No, this is the letter of the law. I mean the substantial, only it should be kept silent! A woman says, ‘But the Master told us to be silent!’ No, this is an understanding by the letter; you shall be silent about the substantial. I may tell you to speak on another occasion and this sister who understands me literally will start talking making no break at that. Others tell her, ‘It’s time to shut up!’, but she carries on for five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, even for half an hour, she can’t help talking. – ‘But it is the Spirit talking within me!’ If Spirit talks within you, you will say something intelligent and will fall silent. Later on you will talk again and will fall silent again. If I take part in twenty meetings, what do I have to do? I will talk for five minutes here and I will go to the other meeting; I will talk for a while there and I will move on to the third meeting; I will talk for a while there too. So that, when the Spirit tells me to speak, this means that I will be silent at one place and I will talk at another.

And you understand that when you start talking at one place you have to keep talking throughout the whole time. You shall talk a little. Somebody may ask me, ‘Do you believe in God and how do you believe?’ I will reply to such a person, ‘Come visit me tomorrow at my place!’ He will come, I will treat him to good dishes, I will take him around my garden, I will chat with him. – ‘Well, but tell me something about God!’ I will respond to him, ‘Come visit me at my place tomorrow again!’ This is the resolution of the issue and there is no point telling him how I believe in God. When he asks me I will tell him, ‘Come visit me at my place tomorrow!’, nothing more than this.

What are candles? What is the Light of a candle? What are books? What is the content of a book? What are men; what is the soul; what is the thought of man? – This is the Life of man. What is Spirit? – This is one’s Power. What is God? – He is everything. These are philosophical answers to these questions.
Now, when you go out and when you are asked what I was talking about, what would you say? Some will say that they understood nothing, but others will say that I was talking about very great things. I am asking you why you need Light? To read the book of Life. This book is the very human being and by reading the book one will understand oneself.

Now, I will leave you to think on your own, not to get confused, and let each one of you apply what each one of you has understood; do not demand a lot. Even the smallest application will be all right. Make this lamp light! Power is contained in the small. Let each of you find a method within oneself, to apply the smallest, to do one very small good.

You have heard a lot about your mind, your heart, your will, but I want you to draw a small application from this lecture. I will explain the word application. Imagine that you have separate parts out of which a bridge should be formed. Apart from the support pillars needed for the bridge, what else is required? A joining thread on the top is required. Consequently, one person cannot impose oneself upon another. If you think that you can impose yourself, this is a wrong understanding. Only joining threads can there be between two persons. You have to do your best not to break these threads, but to form as many such threads as possible. The more such threads there are, the better, the more beautiful Life becomes or put in other words – the more elevated spirits love you and send their thoughts to you, the more meaningful, more beautiful your life will be. And the less you are thought about, the more ordinary your life will be. When mountains are being broken up, people resort not to gold but to iron; when people sail rivers and seas, people resort not to stones but to wood. Consequently, a spear can be transformed into a writing quill in the hand of an intelligent person, so that one can write something nice with it. And those who are smarter will transform the spear into a language and will sing with it. So that, those who do not understand will have spears; those who understand better will have writing quills to write with; and those who understand even better will have a gentle, fine language to articulate the best of God’s Words.

So now, I want your spear to soften and to transform from iron into a writing quill; the writing quill should transform into a gentle fine language for you to articulate the most beautiful, the best in the world. But you do not have only to articulate it; you have to apply it as well.

Peter Deunov held this lecture on 18 December 1925 at 16:00h

[1] In Bulgarian there is one word ‘sabiram’ that has a very general meaning of congregating = collecting into a group: a) for people congregating; b) for putting things together and c) for the mathematical operation of adding. As the Master uses one and the same word throughout the text for all three meanings in Bulgarian, for consistency sake it is translated into English with one and the same word = gather together, meaning in this lecture both congregating and adding.
[A1]Check this part of the sentence again as it is confusing and not clear


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