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Old 09-01-2005, 05:35 PM
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Default Rothschilds-past and future Kings of Kabalistic Khazaria

I just want to remind you on my post
http://www.clubconspiracy.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.phptopic_id=473&forum=24&post_id=13649&P HPSESSID=c7e0764a16d3fea893b783d99398730b#forumpos t13649

Significant number of the worldwide Jewish population today are not ancient Semites-Hebrews but rather a pagan people of Turkic origin from Caucasus – Aryan land . They are known as the Ashkenazi or European Jews. Historically, they are a people known as Khazars with their roots from a formerly powerful 9th century empire of Khazaria. Although Pagan Khazaras are believed to embraced Judaism , they were more interested in occult and pagan “Jewish” teaching that is Kabbalah then in Torah. In Khazaria Jewish occultism,mysticism from Babylonian times had its peak. Therefore Khazaria was the first and the only (so far) Kabbalistic , occult Jewish Kingdom. In Khazaria there were two pseudo-Jewish kings or rulers (Khazar aristocrats intermarried with Jewish leaders –occultists) ; one was Khagan and other Bek (millitary commander).
Not to my surprise my recent studies and field research indicate that Rotschilds were known as Bauers of Khazaria before they changed name to Rothschilds. Rothschields were actualy millitary commanders or KINGS of Khazaria. When Khazaria was conquired by Rus –together with other Khazars i.e Skenazim Jews Rotschileds emigrated to Eastern Europe.
The only plausible explanation of their surname is that they had red schield –that was popular among Khazar elite. I am at the beginning of the research so I could not release more details about this.
Alexander Vasiliev in The Goths in the Crimea quotes from the Life by Saint Abo of Tbilisi, who claimed that "the Khazars were savage 'sons of Magog' who had 'no religion whatever, although recognizing the being of a sole god.'" / Alexander A. Vasiliev, The Goths in the Crimea (Cambridge, MA: The Mediaeval Academy of America, 1936), p. 96/

A Georgian chronicle, identifies Jewish Khazars with the hosts of Gog and Magog -- 'wild men with hideous faces and the manners of wild beasts, eaters of blood'". / Schultze -- Das Martyrium des heiligen Abo von Tiflis, Texte und Untersuchungen fr Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur, XIII (1905), 13th Tribe, p. 19, 20. /

In defining the origins of the Ashkenazim Jews (aka Khazars Jews) , Alan Brook claims
...more recent evidence shows that they had immigrated from the southern regions of Russia and western Asia and Asia Minor -- that region clearly identified as the location and origin of the ancient Khazars. The name originally indicated Iranians and was later given as the name of the god of Meshech, Men Askaenos. "It should also be pointed out," Brook adds, "that Ashkenaz did not become a definite Jewish designation for Germany until the eleventh century." (Brook Alan , The Jews of Khazaria, p. 300. )

At the beginning of second millennium Judeo-Khazars pagan Kabalistic kingdom was destroyed and Khazars or pseudo-Hebrews emigrated westward into Europe via Russia after their collapse, and they effectively supplanted the Sephardic Jews previously living in Europe who were mostly wiped out .

From the times of Khazaria- ruling class of Askenazim Jews i.e. Khazar Jews always desired to revive this pagan aryan kingdom. That is why they started their millennium-long conspiracy of creating New Khazar pseudo-Jewish Kabalistic pagan Kingdom - process that is designated Great Work of Ages, millenialism or New World Order. Knowing that Rotschields or Khazaric Bauers have been rullers “Kings” of Khazaria it is easier to understand why they have been named “Jewish Kings”.
Now,it is easier to understand Protocols of Zion and references to “our King”

There are sufficent number of evidances that so called Star Of David gracing the Israeli flag is an occult symbol which was imported in Cabala from Khazars pagan religion and is believed to have been resurfaced first by its placement on the Red Shield family crest of the Khazar commanders -Rothschild's.
Engravings resembling the Jewish Star of David were unearthed at two Khazar sites, one along the Donets River in eastern Ukraine and the other along the Don River in southern Russia. They are considered to be shamanistic or pagan. The circular nature of the disc may represent the sun, and the 6 points may represent rays of the sun. Scholars lean towards assigning the disc to Tengri shamanism due to the fact that there are also known examples of Khazarian sun discs with 5 or 7 points, rather than consistently 6. Some of the Jewish-Turkic graves at Chelarevo in what used to be Hungary contain engravings of the Star of David and are believed to belong to Khazar Kabar migrants / Abraham N. Poliak, Kazariyah: Toldot mamlaxa yehudit be'europa. Tel Aviv, 1943/1944

Therefore they are primarily interested in creating strong Euroasian state – new Khazaria and their future Kingdom would be located on the territories of Eurasia. All other other territories might be subject of devastation and destruction.

Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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