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Old 12-30-2004, 05:23 AM
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Default Khezran “Jews” (not ancient Hebrews) " Aryan supremacy" and "master-race casteism"

The thread “Jewish blood line or not ? Zionist and anitisemitism....”
was very detailed and systematic review of the present-days Jews /Zionists origin concluding that number of modern Jews are not ancient Hebrews of Semitic origin but genetically very heterogenous population of Khezr/Khezran orgin.

Evidently some of the modern Jews are offsprings of the idolater Aryan Khezran who appearently turned toward Judaism ( better to say some aspects of false Judaism such as Cabbala and Beth Din) for some reasons.

Like Arthur Koestler, professor of Jewish Medieval History, A. Poliak, in his book Khezriya (published in Hebrew in 1944) claimed that Jews , who lived between Volga river and Caucasus (like Uyghoors,Hoons etc) and inhabitated the ancient Aryan theritory, have been Khezri .
Inhabitants of this theritory lived and promoted hereditary Casts system.

I apsolutelly agree with those that argue we have to make distinction between ancient Hebrews faith (Judaism), that is God’s revealed religion (based on Torah- Scriptures) and “Judaism” that is ethnoreligious phenomenon ( based on Talmud, Beth Din, and, Cabbala) with racial-casteism elements (based on Khezri /Aryan master-race casteism ).

Therefore, this “modern” (false) “Judaism”, unlike original Jewish faith professed by Moses, is neither religion (because most of them are gnostics or atheist) nor nation,
but “cast”, Aryan master-race cast.

You can not become member of the Aryan rulling-cast , as you could not become a Jew.

In my opinion modern “Jewish “ and Zionistic racism and “tale of chosen people” does not stemm from Torah tradition (Old Testamony genuine implications ) but from the Aryan -supremacy ideology of Khezri and their system of Casteism.

Of course some of the Khezri “Jews” (those that became Jews under the Khezran rule, not ancient Hebrew Jews) were rulling cast in this system.

So it is not strange that NWO Cabbalists- Aryan/Khezri “Jewish” elite (that is not biologically or antropologically similar to the ancient Hebrews, at all) consider themselves predestined to rule the world according to the their Aryan origin and belonging to the master –race cast.

But they do not say that it openly or elaborate this issue ,at all (Koestler subtly implied this).

As we see, many people misunderstand the claims of Cabbalistic Jewish elite how they belonge to the “chosen people”, thinking that “Jewish” elite, in this way , allude on their special status in Torah as a “chosen people”.
But this is not true, in my opinion.
Modern Jewish Cabbalistic elite when claim that they are “chosen” acctually imply that they are “Aryan” master-cast.

Khezrian /Aryan pagan and polytheistic religion and mysticism , along with Babylonian religion,astrology, and occultism, Persian Zoroastrianism, dualism and Hellenism (neoplatonism), was stream of so called Ancient Wisdom that had nourished Cabbalistic “Jewish” and European occultism through the illuminati, alchemists and Freemasons of the Middle Ages.

Just one example for discussion –
in my opinion the father of the false “German Aryan race theory” Professor Max Muller just adopted and stupidly adepted (“Germanized”) “Jewish” Khezran- Aryan master-race (rasistic) theory. So the Germans sudenly “became” Aryans although Germans never lived in the craddle of the Aryans

Although the German Nazis, gathered in the occultistic Thul and Vril society and their “military” offsprings Hitler and Himler , indoctrinated by the Khezran , Aryan ,“Jewish” kabbalistic theosophists ( Madame Helena Blavatsky , etc) and other Freemasonic illuminati, openly confronted true faith of ancient Hebrew Jews (based on Divine Scripture -Torah) they tried to revive pagan , Khezran (in part “Jewish”) Aryan culture, symbolism, and mythology that was according to them Primaeval religion of the Aryan race.

Of course Nazis commited genocide only over those Jews , they ,as well as their Cabbalistc mentors regarded “ low-caste” Jews.

Acctually, in my opinion , Nazis, carried out the pernicous plan of their mentors - Cabbalistic, Aryan/Khezran “master-cast” “Jews” to exterminate those Jews that continued to follow only their Divine Scriptures (Torah) and ancient Hebrew tradition ( “low-cast” Jews).

For example, General Karl Haushofer, the director of the Munich Institute of Geopolitics and founder of the Vril Society, who was Hitler's esoteric mentor favored the idea of Dr. Friedrich Krohn to use the "swavastika" as the flag of Nazi Germany. The Swastika is the Sanskrit symbol of solar fire stolen by Prometheus bound to a magical Caucasian rock located in the craddle of Khezran Aryans. The Swastika Sun symbol is a powerful magical device still used in Occult Masonic teachings today.

In conclusion I would say while global Zionists promote political legend – the idea of the
“ Jewish semitic race” and tale of “chosen people” and “hystorical right to Palestine” , their hidden creators, anti-semitists, Cabbalistic Freemasons and “Jewish” Illuminati secretly promote Khezran /Aryan ” Jewish” master-race casteism and consequently their Aryan cast -and -race supremacy.

After all, it is possible that I am totally wrong and my conclusions unreasonable and hystorically unfounded ?!

But this is just my opinion.And I need your feedback.

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