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Old 01-01-2005, 11:20 AM
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Default The Truth About Jesus

In the name of God, The Gracious, The Merciful


As for the Quake issue, as i said before, God is the One who brings it, as for me i deliver the signs and proofs and then wait for the fulfilment of the prophecy. I have no doubt in my heart that the Quake promised to put an end to Satan's kingdom will come at the right time. The proofs are on my website and they are beyond my ability to fabricate, i believe they are from God.

As for Jesus, i will say the following only for the sake of the truth, i don't like to argue with those whose minds are sealed and follow only CONJECTURE.

[4:171] O people of the scripture, do not transgress the limits of your religion, and do not say about GOD except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was a messenger of GOD, and His word that He had sent to Mary, and a revelation from Him. Therefore, you shall believe in GOD and His messengers. You shall not say, "Trinity." You shall refrain from this for your own good. GOD is only one god. Be He glorified; He is much too glorious to have a son. To Him belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. GOD suffices as Lord and Master.

First i would like to say that there are two mindsets in this world, the one who believes that there is only ONE truth (thus One god) and the one who believes truth is relative (no distinct right and wrong) thus multiple gods. The first mindest is called "Submission" and the second is called "Idol-worship".

I will begin with this verse that describes this issue accurately:

Qur'an [39:29] GOD cites the example of a man who deals with disputing partners, compared to a man who deals with only one consistent source. Are they the same? Praise be to GOD; most of them do not know.

We should reflect carefully on this example, the above two categories manifest themselves in all aspects of life,

CATEGORY # 1 (anything goes mentality):

1-The man who deals with disputing partners: e.g: multiple gods (Jesus+god), (Muhammad+god), (different saints and professional religionsists), (Isis, Osiris, Amon, Ishtar....etc), (the buddhists' gods).....etc

2- The man who deals with disputing books: e.g: (Torah+Talmoud), (Gospel+Church traditions), (Quran+Hadith).

Conclusion: to prefer to deal with two or more sources is typical mindset of an idol-worshiper (e.g: Adultery). A ship with two captains will eventually sink because of disputes, a family with both the man and the woman ruling will ultimately fall because of disputes...etc.

CATEGORY # 2 (Black&White mentality):

1- The man who deals only with one god: God alone, with no partners.

[17:42] Say, "If there were any other gods beside Him, as they claim, they would have tried to overthrow the Possessor of the throne."

2- The man who deals only with one book: Quran, the fianl testament, the only available book with a built in proof of devine authorship.

(Eventhough the Torah and the bible may have similar phenomenas, the magnitude of injections make it hard to prove every letter and the book as a whole as being from God, while Quran has only one number (the prime number 19, the Alpha 1, and the Omega 9) acting as the common deniminator of the WHOLE book (e.g: the number of chapters =19x6, the number of verses =19x334....etc), thus if only one letter is changed, the whole phenomena will vanish, this is not the case with the dispersed, unconnected phenomenas in the previous scriptures which were injected with Satan's idea of multiple gods.

3- A ship with one captain will reach a safe harbor. A family with one male captain will be a happy peacefull family...etc


As for Jesus, he was just a human messenger same like Adam, Moses and Muhammad. The Jews persecuted him because he encouraged the people to stop worshiping and revering the Jewish priests instead of God, to stop following their inherited oral traditions (Mishnah, early Talmoud) instead of the word of God in the Torah alone. They saw him as a great threat to their rule, and soon conspired to kill him but God saved him and raised his soul before they tortured and crucified the empty body (the patients of Coma show similar symptoms of an empty, soulless body, yet fully awake).

Satan took it from there and using his agents started mysifying the dead Jesus and turning him into a god using his method of fear (trauma based mind control).

-Jesus was a creature created by God, just a human postman, in his own words:

``...I have not come of myself. I was sent by One who has the right to send, and him you do not know. I know him because it is from him I come; he sent me.'' [ John 7:28-29 ]

For those who like to twist these CLEAR words, and fuse the creature in his Craetor, they are only fooling themselves, and following conjecture.

``...Go to my brothers and tell them, `I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.' '' [ John 20:17 ]

A god will never say "i am ascending to my God" !

This is confirmed in the final scripture, Quran which gives us the most accurate account of Jesus:


[3:49] As a messenger to the Children of Israel: "I come to you with a sign from your Lord - I create for you from clay the shape of a bird, then I blow into it, and it becomes a live bird by GOD's leave. I restore vision to the blind, heal the leprous, and I revive the dead by GOD's leave. I can tell you what you eat, and what you store in your homes. This should be a proof for you, if you are believers.

[3:50] "I confirm previous scripture - the Torah - and I revoke certain prohibitions imposed upon you. I come to you with sufficient proof from your Lord. Therefore, you shall observe GOD, and obey me.

[3:51] "GOD is my Lord and your Lord; you shall worship Him alone. This is the right path."


If you have been thinking that Jesus is God, know that you have been duped by Satan, who wants people to worship the creatures instead of the One creator alone. Refrain from these blasphemies, for God's retribution promised for the idol-worshipers is severe, take a hint from the last tsunami before it's too late!

[5:116] GOD will say, "O Jesus, son of Mary, did you say to the people, `Make me and my mother idols beside GOD?' " He will say, "Be You glorified. I could not utter what was not right. Had I said it, You already would have known it. You know my thoughts, and I do not know Your thoughts. You know all the secrets.

[5:117] "I told them only what You commanded me to say, that: `You shall worship GOD, my Lord and your Lord.' I was a witness among them for as long as I lived with them. When You terminated my life on earth, You became the Watcher over them. You witness all things.

[5:73] Pagans indeed are those who say that GOD is a third of a trinity. There is no god except the one god. Unless they refrain from saying this, those who disbelieve among them will incur a painful retribution.


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