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Old 09-23-2005, 03:43 AM
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Default A lot of bigotry here, I notice (RANT TIME)

I notice that some people will say things to the effect of, "Back when Kennedy was shot, all three networks were owned by JEWS." Or subject lines such as Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry! Other topics that I actually clicked on to find disgusting antisemitic slurs. What are you thinking? This wouldn't really get under my skin since I know that there are stupid, hatred-filled bigots in the world, but these hateful comments don't get any sort of backlash, that I could tell. People just seem to accept that certain religions are evil. Sly references to "die hard" Shintos and how Asians are money-grubbers. I can just imagine people sitting in front of their computers, nodding their heads and wondering why the jews are trying to hurt them.

And even that wouldn't prompt me to post about it if there wasn't this Christian superiority complex running through most threads. Almost a deliberate rubbing-of-noses in certain people's superiority simply because of what church you attend.

People who practice a religion that you don't practice aren't evil. This includes witchcraft, which is a real religion called Wicca, which has the main rule that whatever you do comes back on threefold, so they aren't hurting anybody if they know what's good for them. It's different from Satanism. It's different from Paganism. It's different from New Age Spiritualism. READ A BOOK. I don't know why I'm explaining this if you still think that people of the Jewish faith are evil. Oh wow! Just thinking about how people still think the jews are evil shocks me! There are so many religions out there populated with people just trying to achieve their highest spiritual potential. It makes me sick when people spit on that.

Don't you people know that bigotry is wrong? Not just because it hurts people, but because it's fundamentally flawed. There are good and bad people within any group. There are bad people in your group and good people in the group that you don't like. Any generalization you place on a group doesn't apply to every member, so therefore void of logic and reason. It's what the NWO wants you to do: hate. It wants to divide in order to conquer you. Good people from different groups can join together against evil. There's so much middle ground that it's ridiculous!

I haven't gotten through a small portion of this site yet and I've just been overwhelmed by people completely disrespecting any spirituality that they don't practice, which I've noticed has only been Christians badmouthing other faiths F.Y.I. I love Jesus, by the way. But I despise Bush's fear-based Church Culture which is what I've overdosed on during my short while here. I dread having to sift through the rest of this site for gems of knowledge while dealing with people's complete ignorance and short-sidedness and fear-based hatred as they use their religion as a weapon. Iíve already found some rather sexist threads about how women ďlack moral strengthĒ as well as the fact that thereís a special section called Social Engineering (this section) where feminism and diversity are listed as bad things right there under the title. Really lets you know a thing or two about who's in charge and who they side with (NWO). Iíve also come across the easy target of gays. Pedophiles and homosexuals being equated??? How dare you!

Let me lay out a few simple rules for knowing if youíre for or against the NWO. Do you love people? Do you have love in your heart? If youíre busy hating people, people of other religions, other genders, other sexual orientations, other nationalities, other races, other political parties, or even just individuals, then you can answer no.

And the NWO has won.

You can also know that youíre Christian in name only. Youíre not being Christ-like when you hate others and fear others and disrespect others. Jesus led by example. What a horrible example you set by spitting on other people like you do. Thatís not what Jesus was about. Thatís what the NWO is about. A lot of you believe that when people donít hate for Jesus, that the New World Order wins. Thatís not quite the way it works. Youíre already an agent for evil if you believe that.

I'll leave it at that. Good day.

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